Aadhar Card Correction Form- Everything you must know

One might assume that getting enrolled and having the unique number received under one’s name is all that’s required when it comes to aadhaar card. This is basically everything that people need to do, however, things might not turn up right the very first time. Therefore, aadhaar card correction form is one benefit that we get to place things back on track.


Users face trouble with their details and it is becoming extremely common. To start with, the aadhaar card information might contain incorrect address or even the name of the user can have errors. Whether it’s the aadhaar card address change or even aadhaar card name correction, it requires user to download and fill a form which makes it easier for everyone to go ahead with any aadhar card rectification.


Steps to fill the aadhaar card correction form


To solve these issues and get the corrections in aadhaar card done online, one must download the aadhaar card correction form and follow some simple steps listed below:


  • Visit the UIDAI’s official website and download the aadhaar card correction form.
  • The fee charged for the form ranges between Rs. 150 to Rs. 200.
  • Fill all the details mentioned below:


  1. Name of the resident/person.
  2. Gender
  3. C/O or Address details
  4. Name of the Guardian/ Parents/ Spouse.


  1. Name of the landmark
  2. Name of the Area/ Locality/ Sector
  3. District Name
  4. Post Office
  5. State
  6. Pin code
  7. Registered mobile number
  8. Email (optional)
  9. The next section is where the applicant will have to provide the details of all the documents attached to the form. The user can take the help of Annexure 1 of the form to check the valid list of document that can be attached with the form. The four spaces to fill in namely are:

-POI (For aadhaar card name correction online) or

-POI (For name change)

-DOB ( For change in date of birth)

-POA ( For aadhaar card address change)


  • In the end, provide the signature or fingerprint  for authentication and confirmation. This is to ensure that no forgery takes place.
  • Mention the aadhaar number on all the copies of the documents and send the form by post.


Aadhaar correction status- do’s and don’ts

Since the aadhaar card check has to be done from the very beginning, it is mandatory for the user to consider all the criterias before sending the application for aadhaar card rectification. Here are the few things to be followed:

  1. Only capital/upper case letters should be used.
  2. The entire form is to be filled from the starting till the end.
  3. Mobile number is a necessity.
  4. Post the form at one of the addresses mentioned with it.
  5. The form must be filled up with both the languages, i.e., English and the local language that was used during enrollment.
  6. Fill the form with the latest and correct information.
  7. The full name should not have contain Mr./ Dr./ Col etc.
  8. The complete address should be written.
  9. Mention the name of the resident or the person below the signature.
  10. Documents supporting correction or updates are only to be provided with the aadhaar card correction form.
  11. Cross check the aadhaar card information to avoid corrections any further.

With the introduction of facilities like these forms, it has now become easier for everyone to apply for corrections in aadhar card details with ease and comfort. All it requires is a simple ‘download and fill” procedure.