A complete guide on Aadhar Card Update

The Aadhaar card is an important document, and even a minor error in the data recorded on it may cause inconvenience if you intend to use it a validation document. If you need to make an Aadhaar Card name correction it is important to know the easiest ways to do so. Used in banking, insurance and other transactions an Aadhaar card needs to be accurate, and an Aadhaar Card modification may be necessary if there is an error on it. The demographic details on your Aadhaar and PAN should match, and if they don’t, this is one of the reasons why Aadhaar Card update may be needed.

It is best to do your Aadhaar Card checking as soon as you receive the document and then carry out any Aadhaar Card correction online. Any mismatch in name, DOB (date of birth) or gender may require correction in Aadhaar card at the earliest.

Ther are several ways in which an Aadhaar card may be modified. You can initiate your Aadhaar Card update by visiting an enrolment centre, requesting an update through post or by carrying out Aadhaar Card correction online.

Steps to update online

The simplest and quickest method of Aadhaar card update is doing it online. However, online correction in Aadhaar card is possible only for those who have included their mobile number during Aadhaar enrolment process. It is mandatory to register your mobile number since OTP authentication is required for all online transactions. By not visiting an enrolment centre physically, you will save a lot of time which you would have spent traveling.

Your Aadhaar Card update can be done in the following steps:

  1. Visit the self-service Update Portal (SSUP) and log in using the Aadhaar number
  2. Submit the necessary Aadhaar Card name correction or other changes online
  3. Keep scanned copies of the self-attested identity proof ready for uploading for updating the mismatched data
  4. After you have submitted the details, your Aadhaar update status can be checked using the Aadhaar update request number and tracked conveniently

Through the same portal, it is possible to carry out your Aadhaar card status check online and then carry out the required follow-up. However, Aadhaar Card correction online without mobile number will not be possible since OTP cannot be sent for verification purposes.



Steps to update offline

  1. For offline updating, Aadhaar Card correction form has to be collected from the nearest enrolment centre
  2. Details like name, address, DOB, mobile number, fingerprints and photographs can be changed
  3. Please remember to carry original documents while submitting Aadhaar Card correction form since it is mandatory


The most important difference between online and offline Aadhaar correction methods is the convenience. The online method is quick, easy and hassle-free while the offline method will require your physical presence at the office. After going the online way you can easily check Aadhaar Card correction status by logging on to the website while offline changes will be intimated to you through regular post or visiting the nearest centre again. The online process is free while a service charge of Rs 25 has to be paid each time you visit the enrolment centre.

Aadhaar status

One question that will worry you is “Where is the Aadhaar Card office near me?” but a quick online search will reveal all locations.  The most convenient and simple method of checking Aadhaar Card correction status  is by logging in to the UIDAI website. It is also possible to initiate Aadhaar card status check by name if you are unable to recall your Aadhaar number.