How To Apply Online For Baal Aadhar Card-Aadhar For Children

Keeping the high necessity of aadhaar card in consideration, the UIDAI has now introduced aadhaar enrolment for children below the age of five years known as ‘Baal aadhaar’. Baal aadhaar refers to the kid’s aadhaar and is blue in color to help people differentiate it from the regular, adult’s aadhaar. It is not possible for the children under the age of five to make use of their aadhaar card. However, there’s no harm for the parents to enroll for the same, which will help them avail the future benefits.


Getting an aadhaar card at a younger age comes with numerous profits for the children. Here are a few things that can be gained with the help of an early aadhaar card enrolment:


  • It would help them attend various educational programs and avail government scholarships. This will lead to a hassle-free, quality education for the kids in the future.
  • It also aims toward making bank-related work easier for the parents, like opening an account in the name of their child or start making investments in mutual funds while the children are still minor.


Steps for Baal aadhaar application for the children


To apply for the blue colored baal aadhaar card for the kids below the age of five, here are the few steps that one must follow:


  • Visit the aadhaar card centre, fill out the aadhaar card application form and add the xerox of child’s birth certificate with the parent’s aadhaar card details. Carry the original documents too.
  • For a child below the age of five, no biometrics will be recorded, only photograph will suffice.
  • Provide the mobile number that will be registered with the baal aadhaar card.
  • Here, the child’s aadhaar card will be linked to the UID of its parents.
  • The children will be required to update their biometrics inclusive of fingers’ print, iris scan and facial photograph, after they turn five and fifteen.
  • It is also mandatory to have the parents’ aadhaar card details to avail baal aadhaar card for the child.


Points to remember for bal aadhaar enrolment


To get aadhaar card for a child below the age of 5, there are few things that need to be considered on priority before enrollment:

  • The parents’ aadhaar card documents are mandatory, along with the photograph and other relevant documents of the child.
  • No biometrics will be done. However, it is crucial to submit an update at the age of five and fifteen. If not done within the next seven years, the aadhaar application will be suspended.
  • The rest of the procedure to get aadhaar card, after the certain age criteria, will then be similar to that in the case of adult.
  • The UIDAI aadhaar application status can be checked on the aadhaar card website.


Once the verification process is successfully completed, an SMS will be sent to the registered mobile number. Within a span of sixty days of receiving that message, the blue coloured ‘Baal Aadhaar’ card will be issued to the child.