Applying For An Infant Passport

On the orders of the honorable President Of India, The Ministry of External Affairs,
Government of India, issues the Indian Passport, to all citizens of India, including
infants. The Ministry of External affairs has set up multiple Passport Seva Kendras, all
across the country, to process the requests for passports. However, applying for an
infant passport has a slightly different procedure. To understand more, let’s read
through this article.

The infant passport category falls under the minor category, for passport processing.
The application for the same is available online, in the Passport Seva Online Portal and
the process is similar to that while applying for an adult’s passport. However, as per the
amended rules under infant passport, the infant also has to be present at the Passport
Seva Kendra, along with the parents. Earlier, the infant’s name could have been
endorsed in his/her father’s passport, but with the fresh rules in place, endorsement is
not allowed anymore and an infant needs to have an own passport under the minor

Applying for an infant passport needs the following documents to be produced.

 Current address proof in the name of parents.
 Original and self-attested copies in case both the parents possess passports.
 Original and photocopy of the birth certificate of the infant
 All original documents with self-attested copies to be produced at PSK
 Any supportive original document with respect to the infant with a self-attested

As a part of the infant passport process, all the above documents will be verified at the
Passport Seva Kendra and the infant’s thumb impression with ink is also collected and
scanned. A photograph of the infant is to be carried along with and produced at the
Passport Seva Kendra. The infant passport process generally takes 4-6 weeks after the
documents are verified and accepted by the Passport Processing Officer at the
Passport Seva Kendra.

The infant passport process can be done online as well by visiting the Passport Seva
Kendra website and registering for a fresh passport. Along with the main passport
application form, there are certain annexure forms which need to be filled as well. Let’s
take a quick look.

Annexure H: If both parents visit the Passport Seva Kendra. If only a single parent is
alive or if one of the parent is staying overseas.

Annexure G: If only one parent visits the passport office. If one parent stays abroad
and was not able to send Annexure H. If another parent’s consent could not be obtained
due to intentional reasons.

Annexure C: If parents have separated but not divorced.

Guardian: In case of physical absence of both the parents.

The infant passport process is a much simplified process and is designed keeping the
comfort levels of both parents and infant in mind.