Duplicate Voter ID Card

Without a valid Voter ID card, Citizens in India are not eligible to vote. Elections in India are held once in 5 years. With the number of new and young voters ever increasing, the possibility of mismanagement and loss of voter ID cards also increase. The Election commission of India does have a facility of issuing a Duplicate Voter ID card.

You can apply for a duplicate voter ID card can be issued under the following circumstances.

Somebody has stolen your voter ID card. In such a case, you should also report it to the nearest police station. This is a pre-requisite to apply for a duplicate voter ID card.
You misplaced your card. It is totally normal to forget where you have placed your voter ID card, but before applying for a duplicate one, we suggest you to double check it.
Your card has become really old and due to all the wearing and tearing, you can’t even use it anymore.
The following documents are necessary to complete the process of applying for a duplicate voter card.

Though your documents would have been verified earlier, you would need to submit them again. The verification process will happen again.

1. Address Proof.
2. Identity Proof.
3. Recent passport size photograph
4. Form EPIC-002. This is the official form to apply for a duplicate election card.
Make sure that you fill the form with the correct details. You can get the form from the electoral office or download it online, whichever way is convenient for you.
5. An FIR report copy is mandatory to apply for a duplicate voter card. It is a good idea to register an FIR with the police department in case you lose your voter ID card. This would prevent you from further troubles during a possible interrogation
from the police. Make sure you have a copy of the FIR with yourself for future reference.

As mentioned earlier, you can apply for your duplicate voter ID card online. The steps are very simple as detailed below.

Download a copy of Form EPIC-002 which is the application form for issue of a duplicate voter ID card from your state’s Chief Electoral Officer’s website.

Fill in the form and attach all the required documents as mentioned in the form such as FIR copy, proof of address, and proof of identity.
Submit the form to your local electoral office, whereupon you will be issued a reference number.
You can track your application status on the state election office website using this number.
Once you have submitted your form, it will be processed and verified by the electoral office.
After successful verification, you will be notified and can go to the electoral office and collect your duplicate voter ID card.

Apply for a duplicate voter ID card online and get a duplicate election card in case you lose your voter card. This process has to be done immediately as you can use your voter card in multiple locations as an identity proof.