Axis Bank Personal Loan to the Rescue of Most Personal Cash problems

Axis Bank personal loan overview & Why choose Axis bank

Axis Bank brings its customer the best rates for personal loans. The axis bank loan app comes in handy for the purpose of checking the best Axis Bank loan interest rates. There are a lot of incidents in life which requires a huge reservation of cash, like a sudden medical emergency, home renovation, a wedding in the family or the chance to go to that international vacation you promised your family. Axis Bank aims to make the Axis bank Personal loan procedure a hassle free one for the clients so that there are no issues while availing the loan through the axis bank loan process. There are no prepayment or foreclosure charges on the loan. The loan amount starts from Rs 50,000 and goes up to Rs 15 lakhs and the flexible repayment tenure makes gives one the perfect opportunity to choose their own repayment plan. One should choose Axis Bank because of the reliability of the institution and their constant commitment to the wellbeing of each and every client. Axis Bank Personal loan offers are one of the best in the industry and the easy disbursal process has enabled many individuals to realize their dreams. Along with personal loan, home loans are also available from Axis Bank at zero Axis Bank home loan processing fee.

Features and benefits of Axis bank personal loan

As mentioned earlier, a personal loan comes in handy when money is required for some personal need. Here are some of the Axis Bank personal loan details:

With Axis bank, minimum documentation is required to avail an Axis Bank Personal loan from Rs 50,000 to Rs 15 lakhs as approvals through Axis Bank are quick and easy. There are plenty of other Axis bank benefits to be enjoyed such as transferring existing loans at higher interest rates to Axis Bank. One has to be at least 21 years to apply for the loan.

The benefits of Axis Bank go on further. A loan applicant with Axis Bank can also opt for the Equated Monthly Installment facility by which the repayment tenure remains flexible and can range from anywhere between 12 to 60 months, one of the best Axis Bank personal loan features. For existing customers of Axis Bank, the best rates are offered.

The Axis Bank personal loan approval process is a quick and simple one and once the documents are verified and it has been established through the personal loan calculator that the applicant is eligible for the loan with his salary enough to cover the EMIs, the loan is instantly approved. The Axis Bank personal loan approval time is one of the shortest in the industry.

The personal loan calculator from Axis Bank official website for Axis personal loan can be used to calculate the best loan tenure and the repayment amount that the applicant is comfortable with paying each month. The calculator is so efficient that it can calculate the monthly EMIs to the last digit, with compound interest so that one has no trouble at all calculating how much would one eventually have to pay at the end of the tenure, including the interest. The current interest rate at Axis Bank stands at 15.50%, one of the best in the industry. Axis bank Personal loan can definitely make dreams come true.

Eligibility of Axis bank personal loan & Documents required

To be eligible for Axis Bank Personal loans, certain axis bank personal loan eligibility criteria need to be fulfilled. To be eligible for the loan, one has to be a salaried employee, salaried doctors, employees of public and private limited companies, government sector employees that includes public sector undertakings and central and local bodies. The Axis Bank loan account can be easily checked online right from the application to the final disbursal and thereafter while making repayments. One also has to be at least 21 years of age and the maximum age cannot exceed 60 at the time of loan maturity. The minimum net monthly income has to be at least Rs 15,000. One should use the axis bank personal loan eligibility calculator to check one’s eligibility before the application. Certain factors like monthly income, age, tenure, interest rate would be taken into account while calculating the Axis Bank personal loan eligibility.

The important Axis bank loan documents that one should keep ready while applying for Axis Bank Personal loan are the application form itself, recent photograph, Age Proof, Photo ID proof, income proof, Bank Statement, Residence Proof and Signature Verification proof. Certain post sanction and pre- disbursement documentation are also required like the loan agreement duly signed and the Standing Instruction, Request, ECS form and security cheques. These have to be submitted to the Axis bank loan department. With zero axis bank personal loan processing fee, more and more people are applying for personal loans.

How to apply for Axis Bank Personal loan online

Applying for the Axis Bank Personal Loan procedure hardly takes a few minutes. Once you have gone through the eligibility criteria and you are sure you are eligible for the loan and your application would not be rejected and you are comfortable with the repayment amount the EMI calculator has given you, all you need to do is go the Axis Bank official website and visit the Axis Bank online Personal loan section. One would be required to fill out a simple online form.

The Axis Bank personal loan apply process would not take more than a few minutes. One just has to go to the Personal Loan page and fill out the details in the online application form which includes, Name, Email ID, Phone Number, State and City for Axis Bank instant personal loan. One has to tick the checkbox which authorizes an Axis Bank representative to call you back and they will guide your henceforth. The representative will further ensure that you know about all the terms and conditions of the loan procedure and then the loan application process would be further taken forward. Likewise, one could also visit an Axis Branch bank and apply in person and fill out the Axis Bank personal loan application form.

Axis bank Personal Loan status

The Axis Bank loan tracker is the best way to know the Axis Bank Personal loan status of the loan application. Right from the time the online loan application is made, the tracker would show what is the Axis Bank Application status; when the representative might call, what the loan is approved, when the loan is disbursed, when the repayment commences and how much has been repaid each month, till the loan is fully repaid. It is like a step by step map of the loan process and the applicant is left in no doubt whatsoever regarding the status of their loan.

The tracker helps the debtor keep a track of the Axis Bank personal loan application status and repayment status for the better management of his finances so that he knows when and how much would he have to set aside for the EMIs each month, without causing financial trouble in any other areas of life. With Axis Bank Track Application status, it is far easier to track one’s finances in life. The best thing about this tracker is that one can also use this from their phone Axis Bank app and so one is constantly notified about their loan status even while on the move. One can also call up the Customer care to know about one’s loan status and the axis bank personal loan customer care number is 1860 419 5555 for any queries on Axis bank Personal loan.

Axis Bank Personal Loan Interest Rate

Below is part by part breakup of the Axis Bank personal loan interest rate so that one knows exactly how much would they be paying towards every aspect of repayment. Axis Bank personal loan interest rate mostly stands at 15.50%. An Axis Bank Interest calculator can be used to know about how much the monthly EMIs would come to.

Here is a brief table for the regular Axis interest rates:

Home loan interest Rates 8.40% * Floating
Loan Against Property Rates 9.75% * Floating
Personal Loan Interest Rates 11.25% to 24.00%
Car Loan Interest Rates 8.75% to 10.25%
Gold Loan Interest Rates 10.49% to 15.50%
RD Interest Rates 3.50% to 7.10%
Saving Account Interest Rates 3.50% to 4.00%
Fixed Deposit Interest Rates 7.10% to 6.25%


Below is a brief overview of Axis Bank interest rate, along with the Axis Bank MCLR rate. Axis bank base rates are mostly different for different kind of loans as stated above.

Tenure wise MCLR Axis Bank Rate Today
Overnight 7.85%
1 Month 7.85%
3 Month 8.15%
6 Month 8.30%
1 Year 8.40%
2 Year 8.45%
3 Year 8.50%
Axis Bank Base Rate 8.95%

Axis Bank personal loan EMI calculator

The Axis Bank Personal Loan EMI calculator is an online tool that helps in the calculation of repayment personal loans by calculating the exact EMI to be paid each month. If the applicant knows his repayment capacity beforehand, then he would be in a much better position to sort out his finances and make his financial plans accordingly. For Axis Bank Personal Loan EMI online payment, the calculator would take certain factors into account like the nature of employment of the applicant-whether he is salaried or self-employed, the expected loan amount, the tenure for which one wishes to apply for the loan, the monthly income of the individual, whether there are any other sources of income, the interest rate currently charged by the bank and taking into account all these factors, the calculator would come up with an amount that would have to be paid each month from the salary for repayment of Axis bank Personal loan.

In the same way, the Axis Bank Home Loan EMI calculator would calculate EMIs for home loans from the bank at its respective interest rate and tenure. Banks can only claim from about 50 to 55% of the applicants salary so once the figure comes up, the applicant needs to determine whether he is okay with the amount or not. If yes, then he can go ahead with the application process. Similarly, the Axis Bank Credit card EMI calculator would also show the break up that shows how much the applicant would eventually end up paying at the end of the tenure. Those who are applying for car loans from Axis Bank can also use the car loan EMI calculator Axis Bank in the same way.

Most recent articles on Axis Bank personal loan

The Axis Bank Personal Loan Approval Process is very simple. Once the applicant has applied for the loan, his credentials would be verified and the facts that he had provided during the loan approval process would be verified. All the above mentioned documents for axis bank offers would also be asked for and verified accordingly and if the information is correct, the loan is easily disbursed. There is no Axis Bank personal loan processing fee and the Axis bank personal loan processing time is also one of the shortest.

Axis Bank gives their clients the opportunity to transfer their existing loan amounts to them through the Axis Bank Personal Loan Balance Transfer. For example, if the individual has had a previous personal loan from another bank at a higher rate of interest and finds that Axis Bank interest rates are lower, then he can transfer the outstanding due amount to Axis Bank and save a lot in terms of interest. Personal loan balance transfer to Axis can be done if the applicant has made at least 12 consecutive payments to the previous bank. In the same way, home loan transfers can also be done and there are no Axis Bank Home Loan Transfer charges.

The Axis Bank Personal Loan Top Up Eligibility gives the debtor a chance to avail an Axis Bank personal loan top up loan, over the existing personal loan. This is mostly approved if the applicant has been consistent in the payment of the previous personal loan. This feature is of special benefit to those who might find the need for additional cash, all over again, after the first crisis is over for which he had applied for the first personal loan. Axis Bank Personal loan top up eligibility requires that if he is consistent on his payments, he would be eligible for a top up loan just in case he again finds himself in need of cash. Axis Bank personal loan top up calculator can be used to calculate the new EMIs.

Axis Bank Personal Loan Preclosure is allowed and one does not have to pay any extra charges for it. If one wants to make part payments and foreclose the loan well before the tenure is over, then there are no extra charges to be paid for Axis Bank personal loan closure process. This can often happen if one suddenly comes in possession of some extra money like a promotion at work, or through an inheritance and Axis Bank understands that they might not want to go on pay interest when they have the option of making early payments and hence the axis bank personal loan preclosure terms and conditions are very simple. Axis bank personal loan pre closure procedure entails notifying the bank that one would want to close the loan and then hand over the cheque for the remaining due loan amount.

Axis Bank Agri-Business Loans are meant for those who want to start their own agriculture based business like starting their own organic farm, setting up poultry or a honey making farm and such businesses require capital. Axis Bank is committed to doing their bit for the farmers and there are attractive rates for such loans. Axis bank agricultural loan interest rates are one of the best in the industry. The agriculture loan interest rates in axis bank are about 8.25%. Axis bank loan against agricultural land are also available and the rates are slight lower as they are secured loans. The Kisan Credit Card is available for farmers and one can avail a maximum loan amount of 250 lakhs.

Axis Bank Loan against Property is also available and these are secured loans against property. For example, one is in need of money and they have an ancestral house with them that they can afford to keep for mortgage. Axis Bank commercial property loan are available in case one wants to mortgage a commercial property. The loan would be given in lieu of that property and when the debtor repays his loan, he can get his property back again. With a secured loan, the debtor also has the chance to get lower Axis bank property loan interest rates, which are usually between 11.25 to 12.10%.

Axis Bank Personal Loan Customer Care

One can always contact Axis Bank Personal Loan Customer Care for any queries they might have regarding personal loans. The 24 hour toll free Axis Bank Personal Loan Customer Care number is 1860 419 5555. Those who have already applied for personal loans from Axis Bank are of the opinion that the customer care is one of the best in the industry.

The customer care representative will be able to help the applicant with questions regarding Axis bank personal loans as well as Axis personal loan status. One must also be registered for SMS banking services if they are regular clients of Axis Bank.

  •   What are the uses to which I can put the Personal Loan offered by the bank?

One can use the personal loan amount for any personal need like if there is a wedding in the family, if there is a sudden medical emergency, or one has to go to a vacation. Such personal needs require lump sum cash which Axis bank personal loans can provide. Axis Bank personal loan offers can be made for the above mentioned scenarios.

  • What is the amount of loan available under this scheme of Personal Loan?

One can avail a loan amount of Rs 50,000 to Rs 15 lakhs as from Axis Bank Personal Loan.

  • Can I choose any amount of loan I require?

One can request a personal loan of an amount between Rs 50,000 and Rs 15 lakhs but the final amount would only be approved after going through the repayment ability of the applicant.

  •  What is the period of repayment granted by the bank for Axis Bank Personal Loans?

One can repay the loan between 12 months to 60 months.

  • How can the Axis Bank Personal loan be repaid?

For salaried individuals, the monthly EMIs are deducted directly from the salary and the bank can only claim from about 50% of the salary amount.

  • Is partial prepayment facility available in the context of repayment of the loan?

Yes, one can make part prepayments for repayment the personal loan and there are no prepayment charges.

  • Is the option of foreclosing the Axis Bank Personal loan allowed under the Personal Loan scheme?

Yes, one has to option to foreclose their Axis Bank personal loan at no extra cost.

  •  Are there any charges or fee payable for availing Axis Bank Personal Loans?

No, there are no charges for applying for a personal loan from Axis Bank.

  • Am I eligible for Axis Bank personal loan?

One has to be at 21 years old to apply for an Axis Bank personal loan and should have a minimum salary of Rs 15,000 to apply for the loan. One should opt for axis bank personal loan eligibility check through eligibility calculator before applying.

  • What is the maximum loan one can get from Axis Bank?

One can avail a maximum personal loan amount of Rs 15 lakhs from Axis Bank.

  • Can I earn any edge loyalty points when I take a personal loan from Axis Bank?

For every personal loan transaction one makes, one can earn points as follows:

1.      Slab 1: Less than or equal to 3 lacs – 150 Points

2.      Slab 2: Greater than 3 lacs but less than or equal to 5 lacs – 300 Points

3.      Slab 3: Greater than 5 lacs – 450 Points