Everything about Bharti AXA bike insurance

Nowadays the traffic conditions have made driving riskier than ever before. Car travelling takes much time than bike and car parking is another headache for car owners. A two wheeler is far more sensible choice because it has a quick mobility and convenience for travelling within the city. However a two-wheeler cannot guarantee your safety.

Features and Benefits of Bharti AXA Two Wheeler Insurance

Bharti AXA bike insurance has some basic covers.

  • The insurance policy protects your vehicle by providing cover in an event of theft, robbery, accident, fire, etc.
  • Bharti AXA two wheeler insurance takes care of all third party liabilities in case of damage to third party property or injury to third party.
  • Insurance cover can go up to an amount of 1 lakh INR in the event of permanent disability or death of the driver of the 2 wheeler in an accident.

Basic Cover + Personal Accident cover for passengers

Bharti AXA Two Wheeler Insurance policy comes with all the features and benefits of a basic cover and also provides personal accident cover for the co-passenger. The Bharti AXA bike insurance amount can go up to 1 lakh INR.

Bharti AXA Two Wheeler Insurance Inclusions:

  • Damages or Loss to the insured vehicle due to accidents, terrorist attacks, strikes, riots, earthquakes, fire, flood, cyclones, etc. Accidental damages caused to the vehicle while in transit are also covered.
  • Compensation is provided to third party in case of bodily injuries. Property damage liability takes care of all damages caused to the third party.
  • The owner or driver of the insured vehicle is protected under the personal accident cover offered by the insurance policy

Exclusions in Bharti AXA Bike Insurance

  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown
  • Damage or loss incurred due to depreciation of the insured vehicle
  • Any loss caused due to nuclear risks
  • Damage caused by a rider without a valid driving license
  • Claims arising due to contractual liability
  • General wear and tear caused to the vehicle over time
  • Damages caused due to driving under intoxication
  • Loss or damage incurred outside the country
  • Vehicle being used beyond restrictions

Bharti AXA Bike Insurance Claim Process

Intimate your claim – You need to call up the customer service department for the intimation of your claim. Details that you need to provide during the process are Policy number, date and time of loss, location of loss, your contact number along with extent and nature of loss and injury. The claim form is available online and can be downloaded and filled for making a claim.

Send your vehicle for repair – After you find a suitable workshop for the repair of your vehicle, you need to go there with specific documents. You must duly fill in the claim form and sign it. Self-attested photocopies of R/C Book and driving license are also required. You must carry the originals for proof and verification. FIR must be produced in case of damage, theft or third party injury.

Claim Settlement – You can send your damaged vehicle for repairing to Bharti AXA’s cashless network garages. You will get spot approval for the claim after the inspection of the vehicle has been done by the surveyor. The claim amount is released by the insurer only after all the estimated repair work has been has been done.

Documents Required for Claim Settlement in Bharti AXA Two Wheeler Insurance:

For cashless claim, the following documents are required:

  • Claim form which is signed by the policyholder and filled in completely.
  • The original R/C Book for verification and a self-attested photocopy of the same.
  • FIR/ Charge sheet in case of a major damage or third party property damage/ theft of vehicle/ third party injury / damage due to riot, death, strike, or a malicious act.
  • The original driver’s license for verification
  • Satisfaction letter will be required if you would like to avail cashless facility at Bharti AXA’s preferred garages.
  • Additional documents may be required on a case to case basis.

Bharti AXA two wheeler insurance renewal online

You should renew your insurance policy before time runs out to enjoy all the benefits and schemes of your two wheeler insurance. Nowadays renewal process is much easier with its online portal. You can renew your bike insurance plan through the official website very easily. The online renewal is a hassle free and quick process. You just need to go to the Bharti AXA official portal and enter your policy number. You will also need to enter the expiry date of the policy, under the two wheeler insurance tab. You need to provide some personal details like your name, registered email id, mobile phone number, and date of registration during this renewal process. Pay the renewal fees and you will get a signed copy of renewed application on your phone number and mail id.

Scooting around the city can be unsafe at times and lead you to trouble. Don’t worry; you just need a correct insurance plan. Bharti AXA two wheeler insurance offers financial support against all kinds of damages. Two wheeler insurance plans give coverage for natural disasters as well as man-made disasters.