Everything about how to buy Ethereum.

You can Purchase Ethereumeasily at any of the Ethereum exchanges. Ether can be purchased for fiat currency (USD, EUR, GBP etc). You can store your funds at your exchange or you can use your secure wallet called “My Ethereum Wallet”.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency and a blockchain platform. You can buy Ethereum easily through an exchange. You can store your crypto on the exchange for ease-of-use or small purchases of Ethereum. But it is recommended that the funds should be moved into a secure wallet for larger purchases. Alternatively, investors can trade Ethereum without having to buy and secure the currency through a “CFD trading” platform such as eToro. You just need to register a free account with an exchange like eToto, Plus 500*, Zebpay, CoinFalconetc, deposit the amount and purchase Ether through the platform. It’s a very good option to invest in Ethereum.

Buy Ethereum online by following some simple steps:

The process of buying Ether will vary from one exchange to another, but the principles are pretty much the same. Ethereum exchange platform makes the currency purchase easy by sending a single online payment.

  • Register at an exchange

By submitting few personal details, register at any of your chosen exchange. Full identity checks are often included later when a deposit or withdrawal is made.

  • Complete KYC (know your customer) or identity checks

Before or after a successful deposit, or withdrawal, “Know Your Customer” (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks are required. Exchanges will require address proof and photo identification to proceed.

  • Choose a deposit method

Ethereum exchange offers many kind of payment methods. You can choose any payment method including bank wire transfers, credit or debit, SEPA, card or PayPal payments. Each exchange payment will charge a processing fee for each deposit method. You will find fee details in the footer of the exchange’s website.

  • Make a deposit in US dollars, Euros etc

Deposits generally takes 24 hours to several days to arrive in your exchange account. Deposit times will vary from exchange to exchange.It will also depend on deposit method chosen.

  • Buy Ether with your deposited funds

Once your fiat currency has arrived in your exchange account, you can purchase Ether. Coinbase, a beginner friendly platform, have made this process very simple.

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency and a blockchain platform. Here developers can build applications. Ethereum is a public platform featuring smart scripting functionality. You can Purchase Ethereum easily at any of the Ethereum exchanges. You can store your funds at your exchange or you can use your secure wallet.