Canara Bank Debit Card: All You Need to Know

Canara Bank, established in July 1906, in Mangalore, has seen phenomenal growth in the last two decades. Canara Bank offers several products and services, one of them being debit cards. The Canara Bank Debit card allows you to withdraw money anytime at the ATMs. In addition, the Canara Bank Debit card also helps you to avail cash backs and discounts on movie tickets, traveling, dining and other leisure activities. With the Canara Bank debit card, customers can withdraw money from a Canara Bank ATM, free of service charge.

Anyone with a savings account or current account associated with Canara Bank is eligible for a Canara Bank debit card. NRIs, employees and ex-employees of the bank are also eligible

Students are eligible for the Canara Campus card but they should not be below the age of 13 years.

Canara Bank provides debit cards on request to all of its eligible account holders. The Canara Bank debit card is a substitute for a cheque book or cash and can be used for cash withdrawals, transfers, and purchases. The debit cards can be used both in India and abroad based on the usage and card type. The bank provides special debit cards to the agriculturists especially tailored as per their needs. Canara Bank provides Global Customer Access Service to provide you travel assistance. The debit cards are EMV Chip and PIN based to ensure secure transactions.


The Canara Bank account holders can apply for a Canara Bank ATM card. The customers have to follow the steps below for the offline method of applying for a Canara Bank ATM debit card.

  • Visit your Canara Bank home branch (branch holding your account)
  • Fill in the application form for a Canara Bank ATM Card.
  • You can also download the form online by visiting the Canara Bank website,
  • Enter all the required details as per your KYC documents. Ensure that there are no errors.
  • Ensure that you attest the application form, the KYC documents that you are submitting and the passport photographs as well.
  • Submit the application form, KYC documents and passport photographs at the bank counter that deals with the issue of new debit card.
  • Once your application has been approved, the bank will mail you the debit card to your registered address, or you can pick it up from the bank branch itself.


The Canara Bank Debit card also facilitates the online money transfer for its customers. Customers have to follow these simple steps;

  1. Visit the Canara Bank web-link for funds transfer,


  1. You will be guided to the Fund Transfer Page
  2. Choose the type of fund transfer you would like to make from the 3 different categories listed; Beneficiary Maintenance, Funds Transfer Own Accounts or Third party fund transfer.
  3. Follow the instructions next to effect the fund transfer.


Customers can also register for the Canara Bank debit card online. The Canara Bank debit card register online process is quite simple;


  • Visit the Canara Bank web-link for online Debit Card registration,

  • You will be directed to the online registration Terms and Conditions page
  • Click on the option ‘I agree’ after going through the terms and conditions and proceed further to register.

The Canara Bank Debit card application form can be downloaded from the Canara Bank official website. Customers have to visit the official website of Canara Bank,…banking/card…/atm-debit-card-visamaster

and pick up the card type which suits them most.

The Canara Bank focusses extensively and is extremely serious about customer care and customer satisfaction. In tune with this, to address any queries the customer may have with respect to his Canara Bank debit card, The Canara Bank has set up an exclusive Canara Bank Debit Card Customer care toll free numbers;1800 425 0018. Customers can reach on this toll free numbers at any point of time.


The Canara Bank Debit Card comes with loads of exciting offers.

  • Canara Bank debit cards are 100% secured as the cards are protected with EMV chip and PIN feature.
  • Customers can withdraw cash, get mini statements, book railway tickets and recharge their mobile at the Canara Bank ATMs.
  • The Canara Bank debit card provides complimentary life insurance benefits worth up to Rs. 4 lakh and purchase protection worth Rs. 25000.
  • Shop online using the E-Shoppe feature and avail special offers at select merchant outlets
  • Earn cash back for all your purchases and pay your utility bills easily.
  • The Global Customer Access Service helps you while you are travelling and assists you with all the required information.
  • The Emergency Medical Assistance and Prescription Assistance features are very helpful in case of a medical emergency and help you by delivering prescribed medicines to your location.
  • Students can pay their fees using the Canara Bank debit card and can make use of the other features too.


Canara Bank Credit Cards – Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is a Canara Bank debit card?

A.It is a debit card issued by Canara Bank which allows you to withdraw money from ATMs, get mini statements and lets you enquire about your balance.

Q.What are the variants of Canara Bank Debit Cards?

A.Canara bank Debit Cards are available in two variants:

  • Standard/Classic Canara Bank Debit Card
  • Platinum Canara Bank Debit Card

Q.What is a PIN number?

A.A PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a 4 digit unique number that not only allows you to carry out online transactions but also enables you to withdraw cash at Canara Bank ATMs and enhances security of your transactions.


Q.Where can I use my Canara Bank debit card?

A.Canara Bank Debit cards can be used at any merchant establishment or online shopping portal to make payments

Q.How often can I change my Canara bank debit card PIN?

A.PIN can be changed as many times as you want.