How to Change Voter ID Card Address

The Voter ID is an identification document issued by the Election Commission of India. The document serves as a proof of identity for the citizen’s while casting their vote in their country’s elections. This makes voter ID as one of the most essential documents in a democratic country. It is therefore important to ensure that all the details mentioned on the individual’s voter ID card are correct and updated. For example: If you have shifted your residence, you need to update your voter ID card address as well. This allows the Electoral Commission to remove your name from the previous constituency list and add it to the new one.

The voter ID card address can be easily updated online by logging into the National Voters Service Portal and following the steps listed below:

1. Navigate to the ‘apply online for registration of new voter/due to shifting from AC’ and click on it
2. You will be navigated to a new page. Click on “Form 8” in the page
3. Enter the following details in the form:
a. State and Assembly/Parliamentary Constituency that you belong to.
b. Name, a part number of the electoral roll, serial number, gender, and age.
c. Tick the entry that is to be corrected from the options displayed.
d. Provide details about your family, including the name of your father/mother/husband
e. Enter your complete address.
f. If you have a voter ID card which has been issued, provide details like the card number, the date when it was issued, the state where it was issued, and the constituency it was issued for

4. Upload relevant documents to support the details that you have entered. These include your latest photograph, a valid ID and address proof.
5. Submit the form online once all the details filled and uploaded with relevant documents.
6. You will receive an application reference number, you can use this to track the status of your application.
7. The application submitted is verified by the electoral officers before the new voter ID card is dispatched to your current address.

Alternatively, you can also change your voter ID card address by filing a “Form 6” online. Follow the steps mentioned below for the same:

1. Log in to the NVSP portal and click on the “correction of entries for an electoral roll”.
2. You will be navigated to a new page with “Form 6”.
3. Enter the following details in the form:
a. State and Assembly/parliamentary Constituency you belong to.
b. Select the ‘due to shifting from another constituency’ option.
c. Name, details about your family including the name of your father/mother/husband/wife, age and gender.
d. Enter your complete address of the current residence.
e. Enter the address of your permanent residence.

f. Upload your photograph, age proof and address proof.
4. Enter the details in the declaration form and submit the application. The updated voter ID card will be dispatched to your new address after the application has been verified by the electoral officer.

You can also change your voter ID card address offline. Just follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Collect a copy of “Form 8” from the nearest electoral office.
2. Fill up the form with all the details.
3. Submit the form with the supporting documents like a photograph, ID proof, address proof to the nearest electoral office.
4. You will be issued an updated voter ID card with the new address once the application has been verified by the electoral officer.
5. The voter ID card will be mailed to your current residence.

It is of paramount importance to keep your voter ID card updated at all times as it serves as a proof of identity and allows you to take part in choosing your government representatives.