Checking Passport Number By Name

A passport number or a passport document number is usually alphanumeric, consisting of
alphabets and numbers. This number serves as the identification of an individual’s passport.
Any citizen of the country with a valid passport and passport number can prove his identity.
Generally, tracking an individual’s passport number by name requires the permission of the
designated authorities in the Passport Seva Kendra. A passport being a highly confidential
document, critical information like the passport number is not conveyed to anyone except the
applicant himself and that too after thoroughly scrutinizing the reason or for what purpose he
requires it.

As a private citizen, one is not entitled to verify his passport number on his own. However he
can lodge a complaint with the regional passport officials if he feels that the passport number
issued to him may be fake. It is the government official or an officer connected with the passport
seva Kendra, who can only vouch for the legitimacy of the passport number.
Once the passport is issued to an individual, the passport number forms the gateway to the
critical details of the passport holder’s identity. The passport holder’s name, date and place of
birth, date and place of issue of the passport, validity period for the passport, signatures and
photograph of the passport holder are some the data which form a part of the passport details.
In the case of a new applicant, the name of the applicant along with the passport file reference
number is quoted in order to track the delivery of the passport. But once issued, the passport file
reference number is taken over by the unique passport number, which forms the basis for all
correspondences with the passport holder.

The name of the passport holder and the passport number plays a vital role if the applicant
loses his passport. While applying for a re-issue or a new passport, the name of the individual
who has lost his passport along with the passport number has to be furnished while filling up the
relevant form.

If in case the passport holder does not remember his passport number, then he has to visit the
nearest passport seva Kendra and fill up the relevant forms for Re-issue of his passport and
submit the necessary supporting documents.

The passport number acts as a preservative to save the passport from being damaged due to
duplication or mishandling.