Checking Passport Status with File Number.

Once through with the process of applying for a passport, attending to the necessary verification
process at the passport office and then getting the due acknowledgements for records, it is now
time for us to check the status of the passport. Every New passport application or a renewal
request is recorded on the basis of a File number. The passport reference file number is
provided only after the applicant applies for the passport.

This number is a unique number which includes numbers as well as characters along with the
year of application for passport. There are certain cases when there could be a delay in
issuance of the passport. With this unique number, the applicant can track the status of his

The passport File number also helps in tracking of a passport online. Gone are those days
where repeated visits to the Passport office were a necessity. Now, with the digital revolution,
an applicant can track his passport online. To do this he can visit the online portal Once in, he will be guided to the option, ‘Track my application status’
on the home page. Clicking this link will lead to a page where he needs to enter all the
necessary and relevant information.

The process of passport tracking involves continues updating about the status of the applicant’s
passport. When tracking your passport application you may come across these statuses
messages indicating its progress through the system.
 Application submitted
 Application under review
 Police Verification initiated or pending
 Police Verification report submitted or under review or not clear
 Passport granted or printed or dispatched or returned undelivered
 PCC application forwarded or granted

You can take action, if required, according to the status displayed.

The passports are delivered generally by India Posts, through its speed post service. The status
of your passport delivery can be checked through India posts speed post tracking utility. If in
case due to the non availability of the applicant, the passport is returned back to the sender,
then he can get in touch with the nearest passport office for further clarifications.

Alternatively, an applicant can track his passport by presenting his 11 digit passport passport
application number or passport tracking number.

The Passport Reference choice number helps us choose between what is right and what is
easy, in terms of all our passport requirements.