Check your PF account balance online

The Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) is a savings scheme for the employees managed by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO). Under this scheme, an employee has to pay a certain percentage from his salary and an equal amount is contributed by the employer. The employee gets the entire amount with interest upon retirement or when he is unemployed for more than 2 months.


Many employees have this thought in mind “I want to check my EPF account balance but not sure how to do it”. The process of checking your PF account balance has now been made very simple and trouble-free. You no longer need to fill lengthy forms or visit the EPF office. The PF account balance can be known either by visiting EPF portal, using SMS service, by giving a missed call or by using the EPFO app. In this article, we have explained the process of checking EPF balance by each method.

  1. Using EPFO Portal: You will be able to check the EPF balance through EPFO portal if your UAN (Universal Account Number) has been activated by the employer. UAN is provided by the EPFO and is unique for each employee enrolled under the EPF scheme. If your UAN number is activated, simply follow the below steps:


Step 1: Go to the EPFO employees portal Click on the tab ‘Our Services’ and from the drop-down list choose “for employees”

Step 2: Find the option ‘Member passbook’ under the option “Services”. Click on it.

Step 3: After clicking a Login page will appear. You will need to enter your UAN number and password.


Once you are able to log in, you can access your EPF account and view the PF account balance.


  1. By Sending an SMS


To check the PF account balance through SMS, a prerequisite is that your UAN number should be integrated with your KYC details like bank account, Aadhaar or PAN. If your UAN number is integrated with your KYC details, follow the below mentioned steps:


Step 1: Type the message as EPFOHO UAN ENG where ENG is the first three characters of the preferred language. For example, if you want to receive the message in Marathi, then type EPFOHO UAN MAR. This SMS facility is available in English, Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Bengali.


Step 2: Send the message to mobile number 7738299899 and you will get the EPF balance information.


  1. By giving a missed call

In this case also, you need to have your UAN integrated with your KYC details such as bank account, Aadhaar or PAN. If its done, simply follow the below steps:


Step 1: Use your registered mobile number to give a missed call to 011-22901406.


Step 2: After giving missed call, you will receive an SMS which will have your PF account balance details.


  1. By using the EPFO app


EPF balance can also be checked after downloading the “m-sewa app of EPFO” from Google Play Store. Before downloading, make sure that your UAN has been activated by the employer.


Step 1: Open the app and click on ‘Member’ and then on ‘Balance/passbook’.


Step 2: Post that, enter the details of your UAN and registered mobile number. The app will verify the mobile number against your UAN and will show an error if its not matching. If it gets matched, you will be able to view your updated PF account balance details.


IT Ministry has launched an app called “Umang” that merges various government services like Aadhaar, gas booking, NPS and EPF. You can use this app as well to do PF account balance check. After installing the app from Google Play Store, find the EPFO option from the app’s home page under the tab “Employee Centric Services”.


EPFO also provides the facility to check your PF claim status online. To derive your PF claim status, you must know your UAN, EPF regional office, Company name and extension code, if applicable. Visit the EPF India portal and know your claim status in few easy steps.