Cigna Ttk Health Insurance

In our daily hectic life, we get little or no time to spare and as such we choose to ignore the little niggles we feel daily, just hoping that it doesn’t flare up into something serious. A disease never knocks our door before affecting us and as such the least we can do for such situations is to be financially prepared to fight with any kind of medical emergencies.

Not only does the health insurance protect us from sudden financial crisis but, also make quality healthcare available to us through their network of hospitals. Another added advantage of health insurances is the tax rebate offered under Sec 80D of income tax act 1961.

With so many advantages it is only wise to opt for a health insurance. There are plenty of health insurance plan to choose from the government health insurance policies to the myriad of private health insurance plans. Among the sea of choices available in the health insurance industry, Cigna Ttk Health Insurance stands apart with extraordinary products, excellent after sales services and efficient claim settlement procedure.

Cigna Ttk Health Insurance Review

Cigna Ttk Health Insurance Company limited is the joint collaboration between the Cigna Corporation and the Ttk health insurance. It is a fairly new player in the health insurance but in a very short time Cigna Ttk Health Insurance Reviews have been pretty positive. And all these positive reviews have been garnered in due respect to its industry best health insurance plans, real time assistance, lifelong renewals, health checkups and no sub limits on room rents, that usually eat into the chunk of the sum assured.

The various popular health insurance products offered by the Cigna Ttk Health Insurance are as follows;

  • The Pro Health Protect Plan
  • The Pro Health Plus Plan
  • The Pro Health Preferred Plan
  • The Pro Health Premier Plan
  • The Lifestyle Protection – Critical care Plan
  • The Lifestyle Protection – Accident care Plan sum insured

Some of the exciting features of the Cigna Ttk Health Insurance that makes it so popular among people are as follows;

  • The Cigna Ttk Health Insurance is available for individuals and their families with a coverage sum of Rs 4.5 lakhs.
  • The Cigna Ttk Health Insurance also offers all inclusive coverage for treatment diseases leading up to and also during hospitalization.
  • The Cigna Ttk Health Insurance also covers day care procedures and domiciliary treatment
  • Free ambulance service on select plans
  • Cashless hospitalisation in 4000+ hospitals all across India
  • No sub limit on room rent
  • Lifelong renewal
  • Real time assistance
  • No co – payment policy
  • Cigna health insurance also provides coverage for up to 60 days of pre – hospitalisation medical expense coverage and up to 90 days of post hospitalisation medical expenses.
  • Another striking feature of the Cigna health insurance is that all insured adults above 18 years of age are offered free health check up once every 3 years.   
  • Cigna health insurance also offers a no claim bonus up to 50%, which is 10% bonus and discount for every claim free year.

Besides these features the Cigna health insurance also offers various value added services in some of its insurance plans.

Cigna health insurance Premium calculator

It is essential to calculate the payable premium as different plans have different premium rates and have different criteria of calculating the premium and prior knowledge of the payable premium works as an effective tool in making selection of a health insurance plan. Cigna Health Insurance Company limited has a highly advanced e – portal that can easily help one with calculating their payable premium through the premium calculator. Usually the main criteria for premium determination are the age of the person, gender and the sum to be insured.

Cigna health insurance types of claims

Cigna Ttk health insurance offers both cashless claims and reimbursement claims. In the case of cashless claims the person has to seek medical treatment at any of the network hospitals, while in reimbursement claims a person can seek treatment outside of the network hospitals but, have to notify the insurance company on a prior basis and then submit all the related documents like medical bills, discharge certificate etc to the insurance company to receive reimbursements for the medical expenses as per the policy terms and conditions.

How to file Cigna health insurance Cashless claims

Cigna health insurance is renowned for its simple and hassle free claim settlement procedure. So here is a look at its claims procedure;

For cashless claims

  • The policy holder needs to fill up the pre – authorization form available at hospital’s insurance/ TPA desk
  • Then send the completed form to the Cigna Ttk health insurance company limited via email or fax
  • After that the claim management team would send an approval letter after duly verifying with the hospital or the policy holder
  • If the claim management team denies authorisation, then the policy holder can initiate the treatment and settle the medical expenses incurred, post this they can file for reimbursement claims

For Reimbursement claims –

  • The policy holder has to duly fill the necessary form and submit it, along with the varied documents required as per the policy terms and conditions.
  • The crucial documents required for reimbursement claims are the hospital’s discharge summary, prescriptions, bills etc.
  • After having filed the form and required documents, the claim management team would send an approval letter, after due verification by the claim management team.
  • If in case the reimbursement claim is rejected, then the due reasons would be properly communicated by the team.

The Cigna Ttk Health Insurance although being a fairly new health insurance provider has rapidly grown up the ranks and offers tough competition to the market leaders, owing to its exceptional post sales services and great health insurance products at competitive rates and within a few years the Cigna health insurance is surely going to climb the ladder and become one of the five best health insurance companies in India.