Getting Passport Details through Passport Number

In India, there are three categories of passports issued. They are, Type P or Ordinary passport,
Type S or official passport and Type D or a diplomat passport. Ordinary passport is issued to
common citizens who travel. Official passport is issued to government officials who go on official
trips overseas. Diplomatic passports are issued to VVIP’s or high posit or Government officials
in higher ranks. A passport in India is usually issued as either a 36 page booklet or a 60 page
booklet. The passport number forms an integral part of the booklet.

A Passport number is an alphanumeric number which is engraved on the passbook booklet and
plays an important part in identifying an individual and scrutinizing his passport details. An
individual can request for any clarifications with respect to his passport by quoting his passport
number, once it is issued to him.

In addition to all the security information in a passport, it's the passport number that ties it
directly to an individual. The passport number is essentially a code that's kept in the
government's database. Find the nine numbers that comprise the passport number on the top
right-hand corner of the identification page.

Before biometric encryption microchips were embedded in passports, the passport number was
important for traveler identification. Customs officials use this number to match travelers with
their passport and keep tabs on them.

The passport details constitute the first and the last pages of every passport. The first page has
the following details pertaining to the individual. The passport number, country code, surname,
nationality, given name, date of issue, place of issue, date of birth, place of birth, period of
validity, his signature and his photograph. These details can be easily obtained with an
individual’s passport number as reference.

The last page has the file number, his old passport number if applicable, names of parents or
guardians and name of spouse if married.

These set of details form the core identity factors as far as an individual is concerned. The
passport number also plays a vital role in identifying duplicate or fake passports.

Howe ever, an individual can only know about the status of issue of his passport and cannot
know the detail, before it is issued.

The passport number is the key to unlock a passport.