e-Aadhaar: How to take Aadhaar Card Print-out Online?

The government of India has made it mandatory to provide your Aadhaar card information for all day-to-day transactions in various fields like banking telecommunication and many more. However, since it can be inconvenient to carry an Aadhaar Card print all the time, the UIDAI has made the process of online Aadhaar card download simple.


How to Download Aadhaar Card Online

An Aadhaar card online print can be obtained easily using the Aadhaar pdf file which is downloadable on the UIDAI website.The pdf file is password protected and can be accessed by the password that contains the first four letters of the name followed by the year of birth.

Let us look at a few ways in which one can download e-Aadhaar card.

  • Aadhaar Card Download With Aadhaar Number:
  1. On the official UIDAI website, click on the ‘Download Aadhaar’ link
  2. Enter the full name, Aadhaar number and residential pin-code to generate a one-time password (OTP).
  3. Enter the OTP received on the registered mobile number in the dialogue box provided and click ‘Validate and Download’ to download e-Aadhaar card
  4. An Aadhaar card download pdf file is then saved on the system and can be used to take the Aadhaar card print. This is considered a legally valid document
  • Online Aadhaar Card Download Using EID Number:


  1. Click on ‘Download Aadhaar’ option on the UIDAI website
  2. On the pop-up that appears enter the fourteen-digit Aadhaar card enrolment number along with the time and date information
  3. Enter the name and residential pin code
  4. Click on ‘Get one-time password’ to generate the OTP that you will receive on the registered mobile number
  5. Confirm the ‘Validate & Download’ option after entering the OTP to take
  6. the Aadhaar card online print from the downloaded pdf file
  • Aadhaar Card Download by Name and Date of Birth:
  1. Visit the https://resident.uidai.gov.in/find-uid-eid website and enter your full name, mobile number and security code
  2. Generate OTP and enter the password received on the registered mobile number for verification
  3. The enrolment number is sent to the registered mobile number which can be entered on the UIDAI website to get an e-Aadhaar online print

Points to Remember:An Aadhaar card download by mobile number is only possible if the number

  • is registered with UIDAI
  • The UIDAI website can also be used to check Aadhaar card status using the various options mentioned
  • An e-Aadhaar card can be downloaded as many times as required
  • An e-Aadhaar card is a legal substitute of the original and can be used anywhere
  • The procedure of Aadhaar card download with mobile number is very easy. Hence, make it a point to register your phone number

The government has ensured that the user can easily check Aadhaar card status online and also conveniently download an e-Aadhaar card whenever required.