Convenient online EPF registration process for employers

The Employee Provident Fund Organization (or EPFO) has made it convenient for employers to complete their PF registration online by downloading the required forms online from the EPFO website (

This article outlines how Indian companies can complete their EPF registration through the EPFO online portal.

EPF registration procedure

As an employer, you can easily download the PF registration form from the EPFO website. To complete the registration, you need to provide the following information:

  • Registered name and address of the company or establishment
  • Location of the head office and details of branch offices
  • Date of company incorporation or registration
  • Total number of employees
  • Business activity of the company (example, manufacturing, service, or production)
  • Legal status of the company (proprietorship, partnership, society, or public company)
  • Details of all company directors and partners, including name, designation, and address
  • Monthly wage amount disbursed by the company
  • PAN card information
  • Employee details including name, salary, and date of joining

Along with the completed form, employers need to fill and submit the “Proforma for Coverage” form and the Form 5A to complete the registration. In addition to the required forms, employers need to submit the necessary supporting documents to complete their EPF registration process. Some of these supporting documents include:

  • Copy of the partnership agreement if the company is a partnership firm
  • Copy of the “Certificate of Incorporation” issued by the Registrar of Companies
  • PAN details of the company
  • Proof of incorporation
  • Details of the company’s balance sheet

EPFO verifies the submitted information and issues the unique EPF registration number to the applying company.

Using the Universal Account Number (UAN)

Once the EPF registration process is complete, employers can easily activate their account by using the UAN number, which is provided by the EPFO for seamless management of all PF contributions. By following simple steps, employers can complete their EPF UAN number registration and then login to their accounts at

While the UAN number is the login ID to this account, the default password is sent to your registered mobile number once the UAN number is activated by clicking the “Activate UAN” link under “Important Links” section in the above web page.

This account provides multiple benefits for registered EPF members including EPF passbook registration services and access to UAN card.


This article provides employers with all the information needed to complete their EPF registration and access their member portal EPF. Along with online convenience for employers or EPFO members, EPFO has made it convenient for employees to by providing them with the EPF employee portal for online access.