EMFO UAN to help you check your PF claim status easily

Employees provident fund members can submit the withdrawal and transfer claims using the online and offline facility. One of the main options given using the online facility is to check the status of the claims. You can check the same for both offline and online applications. As an EMFO member, you can use the EMFO online website to complete this process. Simple steps are to be followed to check your EMFO claim status as mentioned below.

Steps to follow:

You can follow one of the methods mentioned here.

1.Using the UAN portal


  • Log in to the UAN member portal


Use your UAN and password to log in the UAN portal


  • Select the ‘Online services’ tab on the top menu


A drop-down will appear on the tab, select ‘Track claim status’ from the same.


  • The status will appear


You don’t need to provide any additional details as the portal is synced with your account. The UAN portal cannot be used to check the status of the offline claims. You will need to use the EPFO website for the same.


  • Using the EPFO website


You can easily track the status of any claims submitted offline using this portal. The portal has two options to access the status of the EPFO for employees

  1. Using the UAN in EPFO


Step1- You can reach the ‘Know your claim status’ page in the EPFO portal by google or using this link: https://passbook.epfindia.gov.in/MemClaimStatusUAN/.


Step2- Enter your UAN and captcha code.


You will be able to see all associated PF accounts in the next step. Select the account for which you have a claim.

The last update status of your claim can be seen on your screen.

  1. Using the PF account number

Step1- Visit the link-http://www.epfindia.gov.in/site_en/KYCS.php​ and select the ‘Click here for knowing the claim status’ option provided.


Step2- From the drop-down menu, select the state and city in which your account is administrated.


Step3- In the next step, you will need to fill the remaining of your account number


The last updated EMFO statement of your claim will appear on the screen. This helps you to access the EMFO claim status easily.

The article shows the easiest way to keep track of your claims online. The online method helps you to access the status from anywhere very easily. You can use any one of the method mentioned above to keep your EMFO status check from your home.