Everything about duplicate pan card.

PAN card is a vital document in our daily life. PAN is a very important document for financial transactions. Pan is issued by department of income tax, Government of India. If your Pan card is damaged, stolen or lost don’t worry, the government has implemented safety measures, ensuring that a duplicate PAN card isn’t hard to get.

How to apply for duplicate pan card?

If your Pan card is stolen, damaged or lost, you can get duplicate pan card online through Pan official website. You can also do duplicate pan card form download from portal. You need to follow some simple steps:

The next section is regarding information of the applicant.

  • The first thing you need to enter is your ‘Title’.
  • Next, you will have to give your last name or surname.
  • Mention your date of birth including month, year and date.
  • Lastly, you will have to provide your email address and mobile number and also should mention if you are a citizen of India or not.
  • Enter your lost pan card number
  • You need to submit all the supporting documents along with your e-signature and photograph.

Once all the required information is given, you will have to enter the Captcha Code and submit the form. If there is no errors after submitting your form then your application is successful. Now you have to make the necessary payment for your application.

Duplicate pan card charges: For a duplicate pan card, applicants can pay through Credit Card or Debit Card. For offline mode they can use demand Draft.

  • The fee for processing Pan Application including taxes is Rs.110, in case the communication address is in India.
  • The fee for processing PAN Card is Rs.1020 including taxes when your address is outside India

An additional charge of 2% will be applicable by the bank, in case applicants are paying via credit cards or debit cards.

After a successful payment, acknowledgement will be displayed. You need to print the acknowledgement and send to NSDL e-Gov site.

As PAN is a very vital and important document, government has come up with a new safety measure called duplicate pan. If your Pan card is lost for some reason or damaged then you can simply go to the official portal of Pan India and apply for a duplicate pan card.