Everything about Liberty Videocon two wheeler insurance

Nowadays the traffic conditions have made driving riskier than ever before. Car travelling takes much time than bike and car parking is another headache for car owners. A two wheeler is far more sensible choice because it has a quick mobility and convenience for travelling within the city. However a two-wheeler cannot guarantee your safety.

Liberty Videocon Two Wheeler Insurance Claim Process 

Step-by-step claim process is mentioned below:

  • Visit the nearest Liberty Videocon branch office.
  • Lodge a claim by filling in the duly signed Claim Form by the insured
  • You need to submit the Copy of Driving License, RC book, Policy document along with the original documents
  • FIR report also needs to be submitted if required
  • Take appointment with the surveyor
  • Take your vehicle to any of Liberty Videocon two wheeler Insurance authorized network garages and submit the require documents to the surveyor
  • The surveyor would inspect the two wheeler within 24 hours of registering the claim in case of city limits and within 48 hours in case of outside city limits
  • The Company would confirm the liability

Liberty Videocon Two Wheeler Insurance Documents required:

  • Insured’s name and contact details
  • Two wheeler Insurance Policy number
  • Complete address of place where loss/damage took place
  • Complete address of place where damaged vehicle is available for inspection
  • Registration number of the vehicle
  • Name of the person who was driving the vehicle at the time of damage
  • Name, contact number and relationship of the caller with the insured customer
  • Brief description of the nature of loss/physical injuries, if any
  • Estimated total loss
  • Claim form filled and signed
  • RC book copy and Driving license copy
  • FIR report
  • Entire set of keys of the bike
  • Original bills of repairs/ invoice
  • Photographs of the insured damaged vehicle
  • In case of theft or total loss submit the Subrogation & Power of attorney
  • Indemnity bond
  • Discharge voucher
  • NOC from the financer for total loss or theft

Liberty Videocon Two Wheeler Insurance Exclusions

The claims would not be admitted under the below exclusions:

  • Electrical or Mechanical Breakdowns
  • Damage to Tires
  • Driver without a Valid Driving License
  • Driving under the influence (DUI) of intoxicants such as liquor or drugs
  • When the two wheeler is used for any illegal purpose
  • Usage outside geographical limits
  • Two wheeler is used for Racing
  • Nuclear Wars and Perils

Key Features of Liberty Videocon Two Wheeler Insurance

  • Renewal Discounts: Liberty Videocon Two wheeler insurance offers discounts on timely renewals
  • Lost Key Assistance: Offers lost key assistance in case you misplace the keys of your bike
  • Third Party Cover: Offers third-party insurance cover in case of death or bodily injury of a third-party, property damage to the third-party up to Rs.1 lakh and personal accident cover for the owner driver
  • Guaranteed compensation: If your two wheeler is robbed or damaged in an accident then you will get guaranteed compensation
  • Basic cover as well as personal accident cover for passengers: Offers a basic two wheeler insurance cover along with personal accident cover for an amount of Rs.1 lakh for the co-passenger
  • Online facility: This Company offers online purchase and renewal for your two wheeler insurance

Key Benefits of Liberty Videocon Two Wheeler Insurance

  • Trouble-free Inspection: Offers simple, hassle-free and unperturbed surveillance by the inspection team
  • Swift Telephonic support: Offers 24/7 excellent customer services in case of any insurance related services through toll-free number
  • Network garages: Offers cashless claim facility with a network of more than 615 garages
  • Telephonic services: Offers efficient claim settlement support from 8 am to 8 pm
  • Multi-year policy:  Multi-year policy Offers 2 to 3 years of two wheeler multi-year package with amazing benefits like one-time premium payment. You will also get additional NCB benefits, annual protection against third party premium etc.

Liberty Videocon two wheeler insurance coverage

A Liberty Videocon two wheeler insurance policy includes three types of comprehensive covers for a rider namely –

Coverage for loss or damages to vehicles caused by any of the below given events –

  • Accidents
  • Burglary / House Break-ins / Theft
  • Incidents of fire / Explosions / Lightning
  • Acts of Terror / Riots / Other Malicious Acts / Strikes
  • While in transit by any mode of transport – rail, road, water or air
  • Storms / Earthquakes / Landslides / Floods

Liberty Videocon two wheeler insurance renewal online

Customers can easily do Liberty Videocon two wheeler insurance renewal online by following below mentioned simple steps.

  • Existing policyholders need to first enter a few personal details like name, mobile number, email address, vehicle registration number and policy number. They can proceed to the next step after a simple verification process.
  • You will get the details related to the customer’s two-wheeler insurance policy and users can verify the required information.
  • The next step displays the premium that has to be paid for renewing the two-wheeler policy and the payment can be done by customers via credit card or net banking.
  • After the payment is done, the dispatch details of the original policy document will be conveyed to the customer. An online document will also be generated.

Scooting around the city can be unsafe at times and lead you to trouble. Don’t worry; you just need a correct insurance plan. Liberty Videocon two wheeler insurance gives financial support to all kinds of damages caused to you and your bike. Two wheeler insurance plans give coverage for natural disasters as well as man-made disasters.