Everything About PF Form 10d

When an individual joins an organization and contributes to EPF, he automatically becomes part of the Employee Pension Scheme. The contribution to the EPS is made only by the Employee and is restricted to 8.33 % of Rs. 15000 or Rs 1250 p.m. Unlike your EPF, contributions to the EPS do not gain interest

What is the Form 10d?

As you are aware that part of the employer’s contribution towards EPF goes to an employee pension scheme (EPS) a fund an employee can claim benefits from after having served 10 years of service and having attained the age of 58. The PF form 10d is the form a member of the EPS  can use to claim benefits or get his monthly pension. However, in an event of the death of a member, the above conditions don’t apply and a family member can use this form 10d to claim benefits from the scheme.

What can the form 10d be used for:

A member can use Form 10D to avail:

  • Pension after 58 years of age
  • Pension before 58 years but after turning 50
  • Disability pension

In the event of death, a nominee or widow/widower or children can use form 10d to Avail

  • Nominee or dependant pension
  • Family pension
  • Children or orphan pension

Applying for Pension

  • If a Member wants to apply for his/her EPS Pension, they need to fill out a Form 10D.
  • The form should then be sent to the employer the member last worked for
  • The employer will then furnish the certificate and wage details duly attested by the authorized officer.
  • if the organization the member worked for is closed then the Form 10d should be forwarded to the Magistrate/Gazetted Officer/Bank Manager/any other authorized officer as may be approved by the Commissioner.
  • To move forward from this point you will need to have an account in the bank, which is designated by EPFO for pension facility. Visit an EPFo to get more details about this.
  • You will need to attach a bank account proof such as a copy of passbook or canceled cheque to the form 10d.
  • 4 photographs of your family, that is your spouse and children below the age of 25 yrs.
  • A members age proof and that of his family will be required
  • Any scheme certificate issued earlier by any EPFO.
  • All the documents along with the Form 10d must be attested by the employer or any gazetted officer.
  • The form should be submitted in duplicate to the home state and triplicate for out of state.

How to Fill Form 10D

1) By Whom the pension is claimed?

  • First, you need to fill out who the pension is claimed by
  • Member: The individual contributing towards the EPS or EPF
  • Widow or Widower: wife or husband of the deceased member who was contributing to EPF and EPS.
  • Major/Orphan: A child above 18 years of  a member who was contributing to EPF and EPS.
  • Guardian: if the child of an EPF or EPS member is less than 18 then the Guardian can claim PF.
  • Nominee: Any person who the Member has nominated to receive his/her pension
  • Dependent Parent: Father or mother or the member

2) Type of pension claimed

  • Superannuation Pension: Claimed by a member after attaining 58 years whether in service or not
  • Reduced pension: Claimed by a member after reaching the age of 50 years but below 58 years and having left service
  • c) Disablement Pension: Claimed by a member who left service on account of total and permanent disablement.
  • d) Widow and Children pension: Claimed by family (spouse and children) on the death of the Member.
  • e) Orphan Pension: claimed by the surviving son or daughter (of age up to 25years as on date of death of member or spouse whichever is later) on the death of the member or remarriage of the member’s spouse.

3) Member Details

  • The name must be mentioned in BLOCK LETTERS.
  • Marital Status whether married/unmarried/widow/widower/Divorcee.
  • Date of Birth in dd/mm/yyyy format.
  • Father’s Name and in case of a married female member, Husband’s name in BLOCK LETTERS.

4) EPF Account Number:

This will include a Region Code (two alphabets), Office Code (three alphabets) code number (maximum 7 digits), extension (subcode, if any, maximum three characters) and account number (maximum 7 digits).

5) Name and Address of the Establishment

This will be the Name and address of the company where the member was last employed.

6) Date of Leaving service:

The date of leaving service in dd/mm/yyyy form. If a member is 58 years but still in service, indicate still in service”.

7) The reason for Leaving Service:

The actual reason for leaving must be indicated; whether disablement or retirement.

8) Address for communication:

Address of the member making the claim

9) Reduced Pension

If the member has left service before attaining 58 years and has not completed 58 years age as on date of application but would like to withdraw reduced pension, then he/she should mention the date from which they wish to get the pension. This date cannot be prior to the date of attaining 50 years age and date of leaving service.

Commutation and Return of Capital in EPS Pension Form 10D

Commutation and Return of Capital on superannuation was discontinued from 26-Sep-2008. Through this a Member could withdraw his entire pension amount at once.

10) Family Details on EPS Pension Form 10D

A member of EPS is entitled to a lifelong pension, upon his death, the family members are entitled to receive this pension. This section is about details of the family. The pension amount that will be paid to the family on submission of the death certificate and they will not need to fill this out again

The list of surviving family members including his spouse and children should be submitted. If the child is a minor, the details of the guardian should be given as of the date of the application along with a guardianship certificate. Age proof certificate of the children should also be submitted

11) Date of Death of member

If the member is not alive, the date of death along with the death certificate should be submitted.

12) Bank Details for EPS Pension in EPS Pension Form 10D

Saving Bank Accounts should be opened by the member only in the said Bank. The member, the spouse, and the children should also open S.B. A/cs in the same branch of the Bank. If the claim is made by the spouse, he/she should give the S.B.A/c No. and also separate S.B.A/c No.s for each child. If the child is a minor the account number of the S.B. A/c opened in the name of the minor and operated by the guardian should be given.

When a member wants to receive the pension from a place beyond the jurisdiction of the region in which the member was last employed, the member should mention the name of the designated bank applicable in that Region and open an S.B. A/C therein. Once the pension is sanctioned, intimation will be sent to the pensioner to contact the bank.

13) Nomination Details and Scheme Certificates in Form 10D

In case a member died before attaining 58 years without leaving any eligible family members to receive the pension, the nominee as appointed by the member through the From 2 already sent to the P.F. Office may apply for the pension by giving his particulars in this column. In case the died before appointing a nominee for pension, the member’s dependent parent (father & mother) may apply for a pension.

14) Pension already being drawn under E.P.S, 1995

If a member is already receiving the pension under Employees’ Pension Scheme, 1995, the details should be furnished in this column.

15) List of documents to be submitted with EPS Pension Form 10D

  • Descriptive role of the pensioner and his/her signature or thumb impression.
  • Photographs should be attested by the employer or his authorized official, confirming the person, in the photograph and also the P.F. Account No. of the member, written on the verse and placed in a separate envelope.
  • If claimed by the member, 3 passport sized photographs. Joint photo with the spouse
  • If claimed by widow or widower the photograph should be sent for widow/widower and his/her two children (below 25 years) separately.
  • In the case of a member, who is permanently and totally disabled during the employment. The member should undergo a medical examination before the Medical Board advised by the E.P.F. Office.
  • Canceled cheque of the Bank where one wants to get Pension.

16) Employer Approval in EPS Pension Form 10D

The application should be forwarded through the establishment in which the member last served/died. The establishment should also furnish the scheme certificate and wage particulars duly attested by the authorized officer.

Knowing how to fill out the Form 10d becomes important as you reach the age of 50. This guide can help correctly fill out the form and submit it to claim benefits under your EPS fund.