All you need to know about Future Generali Car Insurance

Through a joint venture between a leading Italian finance group of companies, Generali and Future group of companies, the Future Generali general insurance company came into existence in 2007. The group provides a variety of general insurances among which the Future Generali car Insurance is a popular one. There are several optional add-on covers made available along with the Future Generali Car Insurance that extends the coverage of the policy.

  • Future Generali Car Insurance plan summary
Future Generali Car Insurance Coverage
Third-party Cover Up to 7.5 Lakhs
Personal Accident Up to 50 Lakhs
Own car damage Cashless garage services are provided at 900+ garages

Future Generali Car Insurance Features and benefits

The main features and benefits of availing a Future Generali Car Insurance are as follows:

  • The car policy issuance process is done online and thus is instant.
  • With minimum documentation required for the application, it is a hassle-free and time efficient process.
  • Timely automated reminders are provided at the time of expiration of your policy for your future generali car insurance renewal
  • There are several covers made available by future generali car insurance that extend the coverage of the insurance plan
  • A highly skilled team is available 24*7 to assist you with your Future Generali car Insurance process
  • Top reasons to buy Future Generali car insurance

With the main focus on building customer relations, qualitative services and simplification of process, Future Generali car insurance is without doubt one of the best plans to opt for:

  • Future Generali has an official website where the process to avail an insurance or the process of a Future generali car insurance renewal is made hassle-free and time efficient
  • In case zero claims have been made, the claim value can be carried on and a no claim bonus of up to 50% can be availed at a later stage
  • The documentation required for a Future Generali Car Insurance is minimum
  • A cashless settlement for damages of car can be availed at garages associated with Future Generali
  • Towing services are made available if the accident takes place within the city limit
  • How it works

In line with most other car insurance policies, the Future Generali Car insurance also offers two categories of insurances namely the third party liability insurance and the comprehensive car insurance. There are several additional riders being offered and are optional to be taken. Depending on the accident, claims can be made by the policyholder provided all the supported documents are provided.

  • Bonus and discounts

The bonuses and discounts offered by Future Generali Car Insurance are:

  • In case of anti-theft devices being installed or voluntary deductibles are being made, a discount on the premium amount is offered.
  • If no claims have been made in the past year, a no-claim bonus of up to 50% can be availed in the following premiums.
  • In case the policy holder is a member in association with any of the automobile players within the country, he is eligible to avail a discount on his premiums
  • Add on covers

The covers offered for Future Generali car insurance are quite different in comparison to other insurances. They are categorised as follows:

  • Silver cover – includes IDV, Depreciation cover and amount on consumables
  • Gold cover – In additional to the silver cover, this includes personal accident cover, losss of personal belongings cover, as well as loss of keys as a cover
  • Platinum – In addition to the Gold cover, this offers inconvenience cover as well as personal liability cover
  • How to apply for Future Generali Car Insurance

There are several channels made available in order to purchase a Future Generali Car Insurance:

  • The Future Generali official website can be used to purchase the insurance online
  • The website also has a sales helpline number and the insurance can be purchased by calling the number and seeking the guidance of an assistance
  • A direct mail can be sent to the company’s email which is
  • Policy buyer can directly approach a future generali insurance branch and speak to a representative for the process
  • Benefits of applying online

The process of applying for a Future Generali Car Insurance is made much more convenient through its online channel. The online process involves minimum to zero paperwork and no documentation required which makes it a hassle-free process. The initiation and issuance of the policy is almost immediate while being done online.

  • Inclusion & Exclusion on Future Generali Car Insurance
Inclusions of Future Generali Car Insurance Exclusions of Future Generali Car Insurance
Damages caused by natural disasters such as floods, cyclones, earthquakes, etc.



Damages caused by manmade disasters such as strikes, riots, etc.


An amount of Rs. 2 Lakh is covered for the owner or driver of the cover. An additional cover for passengers can also be bought


Protect to property of third party person is covered under this insurance in case of damage made by you

If the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of accident, the claim will be rejected


Any deliberate attempt of damage will not be considered under this cover


Damages caused by skipping traffic rules will not be covered



If personal vehicle has been used for commercial purposes, the claim will be rejected


An expired policy, general wear and tear, etc.


  • Cashless Garages

There are over 1000 plus authorised garages networked with Future Generali. These garages offer cashless services with policy holders of Future Generali car insurances such as maintenance, repairs and an array of other beneficial services.

  • Future Generali Car Insurance Premium calculator

During the time of renewal, the Future generali car insurance premium calculator can be used to measure your premiums payable. The details of your car and some personal details are all that is required to be filled to generate the premium amount.

  • Renewal of Future Generali Car Insurance

The future generali car insurance renewal can be made on the website itself. The car insurance policy number needs to be fed into the system to being the process.

  • Documents required

The following are the basic documents required for the application of Future Generali Car Insurance:

  1. Driving license – it is compulsory for the policy holder to have a driving license
  2. Bank Details – your bank details is a confirmation for the company that you hold a positive credit in your account
  3. Vehicle information – registration number, city of registration, model of the car, etc.
  4. Additional details – address proof, identity proof, etc. of the policy holder
  • Insurance claim process for Future Generali Car Insurance
  1. In case of an accident, the first step would be to intimate your claim to Future Generali through call or mail.
  2. The Vehicle can be sent for repair to the garage, preferably one that is in network with future generali in order to survey the car damages
  3. Once the documents of the claim have been submitted and the claim has been approved by Future Generali, the claim will be settled according to the terms of the policy.


  • How can the premiums be paid for the Future Generali Car Insurance?

The payments can be paid in three types of ways: auto debit, direct online payment or cash/cheque deposit.

  • How long does it take to settle Future Generali car insurance claim?

The claim can be made within 7 working days upon approval of the claim.

  • In case of damages, where can I get the repairs done?

For a cashless free service, you can visit one of the many future generali authorized network garages to fix your car.