How to apply passport for Govt Employees?

The Government has introduced a new feature called Prior Intimation letter to resolve this. Before they submit their application,applicant can send this letter to the Controlling Authority to speed up the process and makes it less complicated.Passport for government employees’application can be done only through its official website. You will get the passport online form through its official portal.

Passport application for government employees’ process:

The old passport application for government employeeswas difficult. They had to obtain NOC or no objection certificate from the employer. After getting the NOC they had to go to the Passport Seva Kendra. Passport Seva Kendra will not allow a passport application without NOC. Later on they had to go to passport police verification procedure. Government has simplified the process to make it easy for the government employees.

The applicant must submit a Prior Intimation Letter to their administration about his passport application.

They would directly make them with the RPO, if the administration has any objections.

The passport process will remain the same as the regular process.

  • Applicants must apply online by first registration on the Passport Sevaofficial website.
  • They should fill up the form carefully and submit.
  • Once it’s done, they can proceed to making the payment.
  • After a successful payment, they can book an appointment.
  • On the appointment date, the applicant must be physically present at the Passport Office on time
  • The applicant will collect a token and submit documents required for passport government employee as well as the biometrics and photograph as needed.
  • The passport office personnel will complete the passport verificationprocess and give a receipt.
  • After a successful verification, the passport will be couriered to your address.

Documents required for passport government employee:

  • A government employee should submit the following documents to get a passport
  • No objection Certificate from the administrative authority
  • Copy of the Prior Intimation to the administrative authority
  • Identity Certificate or ID card of the administrative authority
  • Passport Application Fees

Depending on the scheme and booklet you choose, you can make the payment throughits online portaleasily as regular applications.

Getting a passport for government employeesis easy now. Online application is the best option for passport application. This process gives a chance to fill the application from your home. You can choose your mode of payment also. You will avoid long waits at Post Office to get a printed version of the application.