HDFC Home Loan Interest Rates

The HDFC Bank is one of the leading banks in India, well known for its range of financial products and Loans. Getting a home loan has never been easier, as today you can do online home loan comparison based on interest rates along with other loan terms and conditions of all banks, before choosing the right loan offer. HDFC Bank offer HDFC Home Loans with an intention to help the applicant, fulfil his dream of having an own property.

The major influencing factor for any investment scheme or a loan scheme to succeed is the Interest rate applicable to it. The HDFC Home Loan interest rate is well designed to suit the convenience of its customers. The HDFC Bank home loan interest rate ranges between 8.35% and 8.95%.

What make the HDFC Bank housing loan, a stand out, amongst its competitors is few salient features as listed below;

  • The tenure of the HDFC Bank home loan ranges between 1 year and 30 years.
  • The processing fee associated with HDFC Bank Housing loan is as low as 0.5% of the total loan amount.
  • There are no pre-closure charges or partial prepayment charges associated with the HDFC Bank home loan.
  • HDFC Bank does not mandate a guarantor while applying for the loan.

HDFC home loan interest rate calculator is an important online tool which will give an approximate figure for the total monthly instalment payments along with a complete break-up of the home loan repayment process. With the HDFC housing loan interest rate calculator, you can estimate your EMIs to pay for your HDFC housing loan. To access the HFDC Housing Loan interest rate calculator, visit the official website of HDFC Bank and follow the simple instructions given;

The HDFC Home Loan current rate of interest ranges from 8.50% to 8.75% while the HDFC Home Loan interest rate for current customer ranges from 8.405 to 8.90%.

The HDFC Home Loan Interest rate varies from salaried employees to self-employed businessmen. For the benefit of our readers we give below the different types of HDFC Home Loans on offer with their comparative HDFC Home Loan interest rates.

For Loan amount upto Rs. 75 Lakhs


Types of loans Salaried professionals in % Self–employed professionals
Home Loans 8.40 -8.90 8.40 -8.90
HDFC TruFixed Loan 8.40 -8.90 8.40 -8.90
HDFC Resale Homes Loan 8.40 -8.90 8.40 -8.90
HDFC Home Loans for construction 8.40 -8.90 8.40 -8.90
HDFC Home improvement Loan 8.40 -8.90 8.40 -8.90
HDFC Home Extension Loan 8.40 -8.90 8.40 -8.90
HDFC Plot Loan 8.65 – 9.15 8.65 – 9.15




For Loan amount beyond Rs. 75 Lakhs

Types of loans Salaried professionals in % Self–employed professionals in %
Home Loans 8.45 -8.95 8.45 -8.95
HDFC TruFixed Loan 8.45 -8.95 8.45 -8.95
HDFC Resale Homes Loan 8.45 -8.95 8.45 -8.95
HDFC Home Loans for construction 8.45 -8.95 8.45 -8.95
HDFC Home improvement Loan 8.45 -8.95 8.45 -8.95
HDFC Home Extension Loan 8.45 -8.95 8.45 -8.95
HDFC Plot Loan 8.70 – 9.20 8.70 – 9.20


What makes HDFC Bank Home Loans very popular is that the HDFC Bank offers home loans even before the applicant has finalized the property to invest in. Such loans are called HDFC pre-approved loans and are available with the bank at the normal rates of interest. It means that there is no extra charge or interest charged for applying for a loan on yet unidentified property. The HDFC Bank home loan interest rate is a bit lower for women applicants or co-applicants and women owners or co-owners of a loan, to empower them to take up charge in financial matters. HDFC Bank Home Loan has a wide range of use because different types of loans are issued for different needs. 


To apply for a housing loan, applicants can either visit the nearest HDFC Bank Branch or visit the respective bank’s website,, to apply online.


HDFC Home Loan Interest Rates – Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Answers
  • How can I apply for a HDFC Bank home loan?
  • You can apply for loan either by directly visiting the bank branch and meet the sales person or apply online 
  • What is the minimum and maximum tenure for HDFC house loans?
  • The minimum and maximum tenure for home loans range from 1-30 years.
  • What is the current rate of interest on HDFC Bank Home loan?
  • The current rate of interest on HDFC Home Loan ranges from 8.50% to 8.75%.
  • What is the processing fee for HDFC Home Loans?
  • The HDFC Home Loan processing fee is 0.5% of home loan or Rs.11, 800 whichever is lower.
  • Is a guarantor required to avail HDFC Bank Home Loans?
  • No there is no need of a guarantor.