How to apply Dubai visa online

Wondering how to apply for a Dubai visa online? The entire procedure is quite simple indeed. You can easily apply for a UAE visa to visit Dubai for traveling, temporary business purposes and so on.

Here’s how to get a Dubai visa online

You should have all necessary documents ready when it comes to getting a tourist visa for Dubai. There are several agencies who can help you with the procedure. You can easily download the UAE visa application form online and fill up the basic information required such as your name, passport details, marital status, nationality, address, visit purpose, past applications (if applicable) and local UAE contact.

You need to meet all the Dubai visa requirements and pay the requisite fee with your application. People from countries which have really close diplomatic relations with the UAE can get the 30-day visa on arrival. There will be no requirement for applying for a Dubai visit visa online in this case provided that they do not stay for more than 30 days. This visa will not come with any fees as well.

Those who are flying into the country via Emirates can also apply for their visa online through the airline’s official website. You can simply choose the manage a booking option after buying your flight ticket. Those from AGCC nations do not need a visa for coming into Dubai. These include Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait.

Documents required in the Dubai visa process

Here are the documents that you need to submit for getting the visa-

  • Passport- The passport should be valid with ample blank pages. The expiry should not be within the next 3 months of traveling.
  • Travel Plan- The entire itinerary should be clearly specified with details of the arrival and departure dates. Flight details should also be clearly specified. Transit visa applicants should furnish information about their onward travel to other countries.
  • Residence Proof- In case there are differences between current nationality and permanent residency status of applicants, this comes in handy.
  • Recent photograph
  • Income Proof which is valid only in particular circumstances

Checking the UAE visa status

If you have taken assistance from any travel company for your visa, you can check the status at its website. The online status check necessitates the reference number which you will receive while applying and the expiry date of the passport. This will display the present status of the application for the UAE visa.

The processing time for applications is approximately 3 business days. Almost all applications will undergo processing within 5 days if they meet the eligibility guidelines. Indians can apply for visas if their passports remain valid for at least 6 months.

Filling up the application form-

  • Choose the visa which meets your needs. For example, 14 day visas are adequate for those traveling on business
  • Enter your name, address, parents’ name, occupation, marital status, nationality, religion, educational qualifications, date of birth and gender among other personal details
  • Enter your passport details like the number, the issuing government, issuing date, place of issue and expiry date
  • Enter details about local UAE contacts which could be your hotel or a family member. Names, phone numbers and address of the hotel or person should be provided along with details of relationship shared with this host
  • Provide a recent color photograph
  • Mention information and names of persons traveling with you along with relationships between these people