How to apply for duplicate licence?

Are you planning to apply for a duplicate driving licence? In case you are, there are a few things that you must know in this regard. You can always apply for a duplicate driving licence in case your current licence has been torn or damaged or even stolen or lost. You can get this by visiting your nearest Regional Transport Office (RTO) which issued the licence previously.

Many a time, a need arises for a duplicate driving licence online since we often end up misplacing our driving licenses or they are sometimes stolen. They may also be damaged beyond repair and hence the prevailing need to apply for duplicate driving licence online or offline.

In certain situations, people often end up having a duplicate licence beforehand which makes it more easy for the RTO to track down all necessary details using the number. Here are the documents that you will require for this process-

  • Application Form LLD
  • FIR/NCR of Licence in case it has been stolen/lost
  • Original Licence in case it is soiled/torn/damaged
  • Attested photocopy of original driving licence in case it has been lost
  • All licence details
  • Passport sized photos
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of age

The online process involves the following-

  • Fill and submit the LLD application form and choose the Upload option for getting all vital documents uploaded
  • Print out the LLD form and attach photographs before signing this form
  • Submit this at the RTO office which issued your original driving licence
  • The duplicate driving licence will then be dispatched to your address through post and you have to keep the receipt which can be used in place of the licence till you get the duplicate version

For those wondering about driving licence duplicate copy download, you should know that you will get a copy of the application LLD form which can be printed out post downloading and submitted at the RTO to take things forward. The duplicate copy of the driving licence will be sent directly to your address.

Your full name and address in the form should be the same as the original driving licence and you will have to provide the reason for applying for this duplicate copy of the driving licence. You have to key in the driving licence number, motor vehicle class, name of the holder of the driving licence, licensing authority and expiry date. You should also declare that the driving licence has not been impounded by any authority.

Once all the details have been keyed in, the application has to be signed and you should enter the date and place as well. The signature should be in the section offered for your specimen signature.