How to apply for US Tourist Visa

Thousands of Indian citizens apply for US Tourist visas annually as per reports. You must already have heard that the B-1/B-2 Tourist Visa is what is required for those who are visiting the US for a shorter duration on business/medical treatment/leisure purposes. The B-1 Visa is applicable for those who desire a tourist visa for USA from India due to their business linked activities such as taking part in seminars/conventions/conferences, negotiating and finalizing deals/contracts and so on.

The B-2 Visa is majorly for those desiring a US tourist visa simply for meeting friends and family members, recreation and travel and also in case of medical treatment. These visa are issued to applicants together.

How to apply for US visitor visa

If you were wondering how to apply for a tourist visa in order to visit the United States, there is a simple procedure that works in this regard. Make sure that you note all the US visa requirements in this regard. Here are the key things to remember-

  • Choose your Indian location and commence visa application on the US Consular Electronic Application Centre’s official website
  • The DS 160 visa application form should be compulsorily filled up with each and every question answered in the same
  • The signed application form should be submitted and a passport sized photograph uploaded accordingly online
  • Applicants can pay the processing fee for their US travel visa within a period of 48 hours after getting this form submitted. This can be paid through internet banking
  • Applicants should print out the DS-160 confirmation which also has the barcode. This should be kept in one’s possession carefully till arrival in the United States
  • Applicants will be called to two interviews. They should have their appointments booked once the application is submitted
  • The first interview will aim to collect photographs and fingerprints and will not take in excess of 10 minutes
  • The second interview will aim to get more details about applicants. No electronic gadgets will be allowed inside the interview room
  • The immigration officer may enquire about how the US trip will be funded, the duration and purpose of visiting
  • The interview result is given on the spot

Here are the documents required for a tourist visa-

  • Original and Valid Passport (all expired and old passports should be carried to the interview as well). The present passport must have validation of a minimum of 6 months beyond the expected arrival date in the US
  • Hard & soft copies of passport-sized photographs as in the application
  • DS-160 visa application with VAC (Visa Application Centre) stamp for the confirmation page
  • Payment proof via receipt
  • Valid ID proof and valid reason for visiting the US
  • Documents proving sufficient funds for paying for this trip
  • Proof of strong ties in India which will make applicants come back post completion of trip
  • Proof of trip purposes and intent for leaving US once the trip gets over
  • Total itinerary with the dates and other plans
  • Copy of bank statement and passbook
  • Copy of last year’s ITR, Aadhar Card, PAN Card and Tax ID
  • Business card if applicable
  • Cards/invitations from friends and family in the US if available
  • NOC in case the applicant is an employee of the Government in India
  • Business ownership proof if applicable

Application Fees & Eligibility Criteria

Now, the total fees to be paid are roughly Rs. 10, 880. The visa application fee can be paid via bank electronic payment/IMPS/NEFT or even cash across Citibank and Axis Bank branches. The eligibility criteria is as follows-

  • Should be an Indian citizen
  • Should have valid passport and IDs like Voter ID/Aadhar Card and PAN Card
  • Should have no criminal background

Here are the photograph specifications-

  • Photo should be a maximum of 6 months old
  • Should be in color and in front of off-white/white background
  • Should show the entire face and should be framed so that the head is between 1-1 3/8 inches
  • Should be taken in regular clothes and face should have a neutral expression with the eyes open
  • Uniforms are not allowed although religious attire worn regularly can be allowed
  • Headphones or other devices should not be used while picture is being taken
  • Hats/caps that conceal headline (exception of religious headgear) are not allowed
  • Eyeglasses should be removed ideally unless ocular surgery has taken place
  • In case glasses are worn, the frame should not totally cover the eyes and there should be no shadow/refraction covering the eye
  • Hearing aids can be worn by applicants in case they are regularly used