How to create Ethereum Wallet?

With time more and more people are getting involved with cryptocurrency by participating in token sales. However, one hindrance that prevents individuals from doing as such is newness to the token deal process. Initially, financing your most loved venture through a token deal may appear to be complex. But once you are through it will be easy. This article will demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to make an ERC20 Ether wallet, a stage required to take an interest in most token deals issued on the Ethereum blockchain.

But first let’s see why we need an Ethereum wallet that is compatible with ERC20?

Most token deals are based on the Ethereum blockchain; accordingly, you need an Ether wallet good with ERC20 convention keeping in mind the end goal to partake. To guarantee full control over your advantages, you should utilize a wallet for which you have control of the private key. It isn’t prescribed to utilize a third-party portfolio, for example, your wallet in some exchange or from an organization that has authority of the assets. Having control of your own portfolio is vital to fittingly controlling and moving your assets.

So here is how you can open your Ethereum wallet:

We are using MyEtherWallet as an example as it is the most convenient wallet that will manage all your Ethereum coins.

Step 1

Visit A few safety reminders will appear with the option to create a new wallet.

Step 2

Set a strong password using a combination of alphabet, numbers and symbols. Make a note of it somewhere so that you can refer to it in case you forget. After setting a password click on “Create New Wallet”.

Step 3

Save your keystore file and click on continue. This is for security purposes as in cryptocurrency trading; more the precautions more safe are your coins.

Step 4

Set your private key and back it up in hard copy. Once you forget your key, there is no way to retrieve it otherwise. To avoid losing all your funds in the wallet follow all safety measures directed by your wallet provider.

Step 5

Use your key to unlock and open your wallet. However, there are other options too but the keystore file and key are the simplest ones.

Step 6

Now that your wallet is created you can buy Ethereum, collect free Ethereum from Ethereum faucet, and join an Ethereum mining pool.

To create a wallet using ethexindia here are the following instructions.


  • Visit the website of ethexindia.
  • Fill in the details asked for such as your name, Email id; contact number, account type and signup (in case you don’t find a form, then go to wallets).
  • When you click on the sign up button you will have to verify your email address you have filled in.
  • Once your wallet is created, you will find in the wallet dashboard various options to buy sell and trade coins as and when desired.