Link aadhaar with ration card, anytime and anywhere!

Internet is a blessing to mankind and everyone would want to abide by the fact. The other fact that people cannot simply turn away their faces from is that their aadhaar number is solely responsible for an identity/residential proof. Keeping these two necessities in mind, the UIDAI allows the users to get aadhaar card registered online, with the help of their official aadhaar card website.

The need of aadhaar card online registration is genuine to avoid visiting the aadhaar card centers. However, UIDAI does not currently offer online enrollment. This clearly indicates that the aadhaar card website does not provide a procedure to get aadhaar card only through the help of the internet. Yet, it makes the entire process of applying for aadhaar card online simpler.

Steps for aadhaar card online registration

Since it’s not possible to complete the entire procedure online, the user need to keep certain things in mind before downloading the aadhaar card application form. Here are the few steps to be followed for applying aadhaar registration online:

  • Download the entrance kind and fill it with the aadhaar card information required.
  • Attach the document proofs required to get aadhaar card online. This includes identity proof with name and image, residential proof with name and image and birth proof with name and date of birth.
  • Submit the entrance kind at the nearest aadhaar card center which can also be located online.
  • Post submission of the documents required for aadhaar number, submission of the biometrics inclusive of fingers’ print, iris scan and face image would also be required.
  • For references, the Associate in Nursing acknowledgment copy will be provided to the user by the person in-charge at the aadhaar card center.
  • The user/applicant will receive an SMS once the registration has been done successfully.

Advantages of applying for aadhaar card online

Aadhaar card online registration has its own advantages. Here are a few boons that the users can avail via this simple process:

  • Post these procedures, the user can monitor the details on their aadhaar card status online.
  • The aadhaar card login simply helps the applicants to access their aadhaar card information and keep an eye on the standing of their aadhaar online.
  • Applicants will save time at the aadhaar card centers by applying for aadhaar card online and avoiding long queues.
  • It allows booking appointments in advance and obtaining a direct entry at the centers.
  • Users can transfer the E-aadhaar card letter online by visiting the official aadhaar card website and entering the required aadhaar card login details.

The user’s aadhaar card information is available online, just a few clicks away. In case of any errors/ faults in the details within the aadhaar card application form, the changes can also be done by sending a correction form for the same.