How to link Aadhaar Card to SBI Bank

According to the government, each an every individual needs to link their aadhaar number to their bank accounts latest by June 30, 2018. SBI (State Bank of India) which is one of the largest lenders in the country provides many easy and convenient online and offline options to its customers for the purpose of aadhaar link to the bank.

Here are a few offline and online ways to link Aadhaar card to your SBI bank account.

Offline method
Aadhaar card link to sbi bank account is quite easy but before that one needs to keep a few documents ready such as the original as well the photocopy of your aadhaar card and your passbook. Here is a step by step process that will help you to link your aadhaar number:
• First, download the SBI aadhaar link from the bank’s website.
• You need to fill up the form by entering your details such as your name, branch address, account number, residential address and your UID/Aadhaar number.
• Next, you need to submit this form along with your self-attested copy of your Aadhaar card in your respective SBI branch. The bank official will verify the photocopies will your original Aadhaar card.
• After the verification, the bank will process the application.
• Lastly, once your application is processed, the bank will send you a notification stating that your sbi aadhaar linking has been successful.

Online method

Aadhaar update online method (Internet banking)

To link your aadhaar card in this method you will require internet banking. Here are a few steps listed below that will help you in the process without stepping out of your house:
• Visit the official website of SBI i.e. and login to your SBI internet banking account.
• On the left of your screen, ‘My Accounts’ section will appear. Select the option ‘Link Your Aadhaar number’.
• Enter your Aadhaar number and submit it.
• On selecting the submit option the last two digits of your registered mobile number will appear on your screen.
• On the completion of the Aadhaar seeding process, the account holder will receive a confirmation notification form SBI.

How to link aadhaar to the bank account by visiting the branch?
• Visit your nearest SBI branch along with a photocopy of your Aadhaar card.
• You will have to submit your Aadhaar card copy and a letter of request for the same and the bank official will verify the information.
• Once the verification process is complete, the account holder will receive a confirmation alert on his registered mobile number.

SBI Aadhaar linking through SMS
This is another easy way to link your SBI bank account with your Aadhaar card. Here are the steps that will help you to complete the process:
• Enter the Aadhaar number (space) followed by your account number.
• Next, from your registered mobile number, send this SMS to 567676.
• On successful completion of this process, you will receive a notification

Linking your Aadhaar number through SBI ATM’S
• Visit your nearest SBI ATM and swipe your card and enter your PIN.
• In the ‘Services Tab’ you will find the ‘Registration Option’.
• Next, click on ‘Aadhaar Registration and the nature of your account.
• You will have to enter your Aadhaar number twice for confirmation.
• On completion of this process, your aadhaar links to the bank.

Some of the advantages of linking Aadhaar
• One can open banks accounts in a jiffy.
• You can acquire your passport within 10 days.
• It is a blessing for pensioners as they will receive their pension on time.
• Once your income tax is Aadhaar linked, you can verify your documents with ease and avoid the cumbersome documentation.