HP Gas Cylinder Refill Booking- Know how to book

When it comes to HP gas refill booking, you can do this through 5 different ways. The HP gas refill booking procedures include through the mobile app, IVRS, visiting the distributor, through the online portal or through SMS.

You can easily register for multiple HP gas cylinder booking methods.

Here is the process for HP LPG gas booking online-

You can visit the official HP Gas website and book your cylinder refill in a jiffy! The facility for HP gas connection online applying is also available at the website. You should register first and will require the following for this purpose:

  • Distributor details & name
  • Customer number
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Mobile number

You will then have to select Book your Cylinder from the HP Gas site. Choose the online option by which you will go to the new login page. Select New User Registration in case you are not registered yet and you will have to enter the distributor and consumer number. Submit and enter your email, mobile number and address. You will then get your ID and password upon registration. You can easily login to the official website and place your order subsequently.

HP IVR refill booking system

While you should always be aware of the HP Gas refill price, you should also know how to use the HP IVRS mechanism for booking your cylinder swiftly. This is a 24-hour service provided by HP Gas. For registration, you have to provide the following details:

  • Your mobile phone number
  • Consumer number
  • Distributor details
  • IVRS number for State

Find your State IVRS number from the official HP Gas website. Call this number and follow the instructions for booking your gas cylinder refill. Once the order has been placed and dispatched to the distributor, you will get the opportunity for number registration. In case you have the mobile number registered, you will get three SMSes which notify you of the following-

  • Order confirmation with delivery date and booking number
  • Cash memo number and date
  • Delivery confirmation of refill

Booking HP Gas cylinder refill through SMS

Once you have submitted all documents required for new HP gas connection and are looking to place your order via SMS, you can register for the service easily. You will have to provide the phone number of the distributor and consumer number. Send HP (distributor phone number) (consumer number) to the State IVRS/SMS number which is available on the HP Gas website.

You will get an SMS that confirms the registration. You can now make online gas cylinder refill bookings by dispatching HPGAS to this same number. You will get three messages accordingly-

  • Order confirmation with delivery date and booking number
  • Cash memo number and date
  • Delivery confirmation of refill

This is somewhat similar to the process followed for Indane Gas refill although certain aspects are different.

HP Gas Cylinder Refill Booking via Mobile App

The HP Gas App is free for download for both iOS and Android users. You will have to activate the app upon downloading. You will require the following details:

  • Consumer number
  • Distributor Code
  • Mobile phone number

Post submission of details, you will get the SMS containing the activation code. Enter this code, make your own password and this code has to be keyed in whenever you are logging into the app henceforth. Choose LPG Refill Order for bookings. You can pay online or choose cash on delivery along with checking the entire refill history.

HP Gas Cylinder Refill Booking through Distributor

You can always visit your HP Gas distributor for booking gas cylinder refills. You can use the Locate Distributor page on the My HP Gas website for finding your nearest distributor. You can also call the Customer Care number to find out this information. You will have to provide your mobile phone number, address and consumer number at the office of your distributor.