Information about ICICI Bank Credit card Status

ICICI bank is an Indian Multinational banking and financial service company with headquarters in Mumbai and registered office in Baroda. It is the third largest bank in India in terms of assets and offers various banking and financial products for the corporate and retail customers. With 4850 branches and 14,164 ATM’s across India, it has a presence in 19 countries including India, through branches and subsidiaries. The bank has subsidiaries in the United Kingdom(with branches in Belgium and Germany) and Canada; branches in United States, Singapore, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Qatar, Oman, Dubai International Finance Centre, China and South Africa;  and representative offices in UAE, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Indonesia.

With increased digitization of banks including ICICI, cashless transactions have become a necessity rather than an option for transactions. Banks have many electronic payment options available such as debit card, credit care, e-wallets and more. Choosing one of this method is beneficial to the customer as well since it allows flawless transaction from anywhere at any time without visiting the branches and wasting precious time. You now no longer have to visit a branch or stand in endless lines for your bank related work. Everything is now available at your fingertips.

For the convenience of its patrons, ICICI bank has various credit card options available that meet the requirement of every pocket. To apply for ICICI credit card you can choose online or offline method as per your convenience. Furthermore, ICICI bank offers you the benefits of checking your ICICI bank credit card status with just a click.

After applying for your credit card, you can check ICICI bank credit card application status online and furthermore you can easily track ICICI credit card application status and know at which stage of the process your application has reached.  For an instant status update, you can check ICICI credit card application status using reference number.

ICICI Bank is a pioneer for many new age technological innovations in the industry such as Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Tab Banking and Fully Automated Touch Banking. It is leading the way in innovation with India’s first contactless Debit and Credit Cards, Internationally unparalleled Facebook Banking App, and money transfers on Twitter and Pockets. In fact in an endeavour to provide exceptional and futuristic banking experience, the bank has an advanced internet banking platform allowing customers to personalise their online banking experience in a user friendly way.

How to check ICICI Bank credit card application status?

With online banking gaining popularity, it is now very easy to find out your ICICI bank credit card status online. All you need to do for ICICI credit card status online check is have your mobile number or airway bill number handy.

  • Checking ICICI Bank credit card status online

The time required for processing a credit card application varies from bank to bank and from person to person. Previously it was difficult to know where and what is the status of your application. Therefore, to make the application tracking hassle-free, the ICICI Bank introduced facility for ICICI credit card application status check online. Through this feature, you can click on ICICI credit card application status tracking online link and get instant update on the status of your application. You can also visit the ICICI bank official website and visit the credit card section. Here, you can track ICICI bank credit card application status online by providing application reference number or application form number or your registered mobile number. You can also check the status by providing your date of birth. Thus, with any one detail you can easily check your ICICI bank credit card status online.

  • Checking ICICI Bank credit card status through your mobile number

Today almost every person has a mobile number. And ICICI bank allows the use of mobile number for carrying out multiple banking activities. All you have to do is register your mobile number with the bank once, and you can use it for various banking facilities such as checking ICICI bank credit card status through mobile number. The process of checking ICICI credit card status by mobile no is very simple. Visit the credit card section on the official website of ICICI bank. Enter the mobile number given on the application. For verification purpose, you might get OTP on the given mobile number. Once you enter the OTP in the given space, you will be shown your credit card application status. The website uses secured gateways to ensure maximum confidentiality and allows you to access your private and confidential data in a secured environment. Thus, for easy access to your banking applications and ICICI credit card status by mobile number provide a correct mobile number so that all your activities can be completed through the same number. In case of mismatch in the mobile number, please note that for security purpose you may have to visit the branch and register the correct number.


  • Checking ICICI Bank credit card status through Air Way Bill number

Credit card application is a first step in obtaining the credit card. Once you apply for the credit card, your application is reviewed on certain parameters that are bank specific, before the application is processed and approved. Once your credit card application is approved, the bank will send you a formal letter stating the Air way Bill number of the shipment carrying your credit card. You can now easily track the location and expected arrival of your credit card by using your Air way bill number. To track the shipment, visit the ICICI bank website and click on the ‘track your credit card link’. Enter your Air way bill number in the designated place and you will be directed towards the status page. After necessary verification, you will be able to view the current location of the credit card and when it will reach you. However, please note that Air way bill number is sensitive information and should not be shared with anyone else. Keep your Air way Bill number safe and readily available so that you can easily track the status of delivery and know the exact date and time it will reach you.

  • ICICI credit card status enquiry

Though ICICI bank has ample online facility, it also offers offline support for those who do not know how to operate online or have no access to the internet. To assist people in knowing their ICICI credit card status without access to the internet, ICICI has a toll-free number that is accessible 24*7. To get the ICICI credit card application status through this number, dial the number, provide the information asked for verification and you will get the update on your ICICI bank credit card status instantly. You can also visit the nearest branch with application form number, reference number and your date of birth to know the ICICI bank credit card application status. Provide these details to the concerned officer at the branch and he will update you on the status of your ICICI credit card.  Thus, you don’t have to worry if you are in a remote location without access to the internet or you don’t know how to operate online. ICICI has done a remarkable work in maintaining the balance between online and offline access to banking activity. Thus, wherever you may be located if you have access to the internet or a branch or even a phone, your banking can be done without any hassle and problems.


  • ICICI Bank credit card tracking by date of birth

Just like your mobile number you can also easily track your ICICI bank credit card status with your date of birth. For tracking the status through your date of birth, visit the official website of the bank and click on track your credit card link. It will guide you to a page asking for your date of birth. Enter the relevant details and it will display the status of your credit card. Additionally, you can also download the ICICI bank mobile app. Once you download the app, click on track credit card tab and you will get the status update after entering your date of birth. By using only your date of birth you can track the application status, whether your ICICI bank credit card application is processed, whether it is approved or rejected, and also the expected date of arrival for your credit card.  It is the easiest and convenient way to track your application since you don’t need to remember any additional information or password to access your banking transactions. Your date of birth will allow you to complete most online transactions including tracking of your ICICI credit card status.


How to apply for a credit card?

Before understanding how to apply for a credit card, it is imperative that you know which credit card to buy. Usually all the bank has various types and categories of credit card such as lifestyle, shopping, entertainment, business and women specific. Once you understand the one that meets your requirement you can proceed to apply credit card online instant approval. There are two ways to submit credit card application. One is through online and second one is the offline method. For credit card application online, visit the website of ICICI bank and visit the credit card page. Here you will be asked to enter certain details like your name, income, location, date of birth and so on. You will also be asked to upload few documents to verify the details given by you.  After you complete the form and submit the document, you will be given a reference number that will help you track the status of your application.

For offline application, you will need to visit the nearest branch and fill up the form. After filling up the form, submit the form along with the required document to the concerned person who will give you an acknowledgement receipt for future reference. The usual turnaround time for credit card application is around 15 days.

How to make credit card payment?

Credit card payment is a monthly activity and most banks follow the similar process for credit card bill payment. For online credit card payment, you can log into your banking account and select credit card payment option. Here you can pay your bill due through your saving bank account.  On the other hand, if you tend to forget the payment date or have a hectic schedule you can also choose to set up auto payment. In this option you can fix the date and the amount payable for your credit card bill and every month on the designated date the decided amount will be debited and paid towards your credit card bill payment. Alternatively, you can also make your credit card bill payment through various ATMs available.  Payment through ATMs allows you flexibility of timing since ATMs operate 24*7. You can also make credit card bill payment via cash by visiting the nearest branch or you can also make the credit card bill payment through cheque. Thus, select the method of how to pay credit card bill most suitable to you to remain consistent in your bill payments so that you can enjoy the benefit of your credit card without any hassles.


  1. How can I track my ICICI Bank credit card application status?

You can track your ICICI Bank credit card application status either online or offline by providing the necessary information such as application number, your mobile number or even your date of birth.

  1. How can I know if my ICICI Bank credit card application is approved/rejected?

After your credit card application is processed, you will be intimated by bank whether your application has been approved or rejected. You may receive a letter/email/or an SMS notification for the same.

  1. What is Air Way Bill number?

Once your credit card application is approved, the bank will send you the letter informing the details of Air Way bill number for the shipment. An Applicant can track the status of the credit card by using this Air Way Bill number.

  1. How can I make ICICI Bank credit card bill payment offline?

For offline payment of your credit card bill payment, you can visit the nearest branch and pay via cash or cheque.

  1. Should I need to have an ICICI Bank account to get an ICICI Bank credit card?

No. You can get ICICI Bank credit card without having an account with ICICI Bank.