ICICI Credit Card: All You Need to Know

ICICI Credit Cards are one of the most sought after cards in the industry today because of the host of privileges and benefits its offers to its customers. The cards have been customized to meet the varied needs of the users, and there are both personal and commercial credit cards to be availed. Hence, be it individual requirements for the purpose travel, dining and entertainment or corporate requirements of SMEs or big corporate, ICICI Bank credit card has got you covered. The bank stays true its tagline of “A credit card for every need” and likewise have introduced a number of cards to suit individuals with diverse requirements.


What are the ICICI Credit cards offers?

When it comes to user base, promotion and profits, ICICI card truly is a leader. ICICI Bank credit cards rewards their clients handsomely with each spend and usage and there are many benefits like reward schemes, international recognition and wide acceptance. The sheer variety of cards that it offers is staggering and there are six main types to it: The Gemstone Collection, Contactless Payment Cards, Fuel Cards, Airline Cards, Unifare Metro Cards and Others. It can hence clearly be said that there is a credit card for everyone. The ICICI bank website has a detailed list of these cards. The cards come with loaded benefits that offer access to fine dining, wellness, holidays, hotels, airlines, train and movie tickets. There are cashback benefits to be availed on all sections. It is also extremely easy and hassle free to apply for one of the cards with the online application procedure or simply filing out a form at your nearest ICICI bank. Ay queries the customer might have is instantly settled though the customer support.


What is the process of ICICI Credit Card Application?

Application for ICICI Credit card can be made both online and offline. To apply online one has to simply visit the official website of ICIC bank and click on “Products” on top of the Home Page. Once the user has chosen the “Credit Cards” option from the drop down menu, the user would be redirected to ICICI Credit cards main page where all the details pertaining to the various cards are explained in full details. After going through it, all one has to do is choose the card of choice and click on “Apply Now”. Next, the application form that comes up would have to be duly signed and then one has to click on “Get Offers”. The form would require the entire professional and the educational details ad based on the eligibility, the bank would decide whether to grant you a credit card or not. Once the application has been successfully made, a bank representative would get in touch to explain the details in entirety.


How to Check ICICI Credit Card eligibility?

To be eligible to apply and get approved for an ICICI Credit Card, certain criteria have to be met. They include:

He or she must be an Indian national citizen and the card holder must be at least 23 years of age. The age of add- on card holder must be at least 18 years. The minimum monthly salary required is Rs 20,000 for salaried individuals and for self- employed individuals, the minimum annual income should not be less than Rs 3 lakhs as stated in the IT returns file.

Certain documents are also required in the final stage for verification and they include all the KYC documents including Identity Proof like PAN, Voter ID etc. One passport sized photograph and IT returns of last three years and salary slips of the last 2 months.


Types of  ICICI Credit Cards:

ICICI Bank brings its clients a number of options when it comes to Credit Cards:

There are a number of options when it comes to ICICI Credit cards and some of the best ones are as follows:

  • Jet Airways ICICI Bank Rubyx Amex Credit Card gives the user a complimentary membership to JetPrivilege programme and 5000 Bonus JPMiles. It also includes a waiver of the economy class base fare for domestic flights. Renewal bonus of 2500 JP miles and up to 5% discount on base fare on all domestic or international air tickets booked through Jet Airways. Special offers on various categories can be availed related in terms of dining, retail as well as online shopping. There are also 24 hour concierge services to be availed with a number of other benefits.


  • The Jet Airways ICICI Bank Sapphiro VISA Credit Card welcome gift includes 10,000 bonus JP Miles and the renewal bonus is 5000 bonus JP Miles with a base fare waived off for economy class domestic flight. There is 10 kg excess baggage allowance in premier class and 5 kg in economy class. Two complimentary visits per quarter to domestic airport lounges. There is also a complimentary membership to Dragon Pass, a first all in one digital airport platform.


  • ICICI Bank Coral Contactless Credit Card features in built contact less technology that allows PIN less payments at point of sale terminals. All one has to do is touch the card to the portal. The renewal bonus includes 10,000 payback points. There are four complimentary domestic airport lounge visits per year and four complimentary domestic railway lounge visits per capped at one per quarter. If spending in the previous year exceeds Rs 1.5 lakhs than annual fees would be waived.
  • The ICICI Bank HPCL Platinum Credit Card includes Rs 100 cashback on fuel spends at HP Petrol pumps and 2 reward points on every Rs 100 spent on the card. Reward points can be redeemed instantly at HPCL outlets for fuel purchases and there is also 1% fuel surcharge waiver. By spending Rs.50,000 in a year, one can avail annual fee reversal for the next year along with 15% discount on dining spends at participating restaurants.


  • The ICICI Bank Ferrari Platinum Credit Card gives the customers the opportunity to enjoy special discounts on all Ferrari products both online and offline. The cardholders are also entitled to get 15% discount on entry tickets to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, only when the ticket is purchased at the park counter. One cab avail Visa lounge access programme, and cardholders can get complimentary visits to domestic airport lounges. There are 2 PAYBACK points on every Rs.100 spent on the card and up to 15% discount on dining spends at participating restaurants through ICICI’s culinary treats programme.

There are a host of other cards from ICICI bank and they are sure to give you a range of other offers as well.