Everything about ICICI lombard two wheeler insurance

ICICI Lombard has designed an insurance policy to give you a lot of benefits at reasonable rates. It provides for financial security of the two wheeler owner as well as the third party legal liability. ICICI Lombard will help you clear your losses in case the vehicle is damaged or stolen.

Features and Benefits ICICI Bike Insurance

  • The ICICI Lombard insurance plan is available with tenures of 1, 2, or 3 years.
  • You can opt for a policy with an extended tenure, such as 3 years, to avoid hassles of renewal every year.
  • You can opt for an add-on cover that protects the non-electrical and electrical accessories of your vehicle.
  • You receive a fundamental personal accident cover. Apart from this, you can protect your loved ones with an add-on cover for co-passengers.
  • The process of online policy renewal is easy and convenient. You do not need to get your vehicle inspected, even if you are renewing an expired policy.
  • The policy allows you to accrue a No Claim Bonus that can result in significant savings on your premium in the subsequent years. If you opt for a 3 year policy, your NCB will be applicable even after one or more claims, based on the policy tenure.
  • ICICI Lombard has a wide span of 2150 garages that can assist customers in need.
  • You can purchase a insurance policy online
  • There is no requirement of any documentation for policy purchase, when it is done online.
  • It is possible to set reminders for renewal of policy.

Documents Required for ICICI Lombard two wheeler insurance Claims

  • Duly signed claim form*
  • Copy of the Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicle
  • Copy of the driving license
  • Copy of the policy document
  • FIR copy (on a case-to-case basis)
  • Original estimate of damages and losses
  • Original payment receipt and repair invoice (for repairs made in cashless garage, only repair invoice)
  • Stamp required for company registered vehicle

ICICI Bike Insurance Claims Process:

In case you meet with an accident, the process to claim insurance is as follows.

  • Take down the number of any other vehicle involved.
  • Make a note of the names and contact details of any witnesses if you can
  • Contact ICICI Lombard toll free number 1800 2666 and get your claim number.
  •  The customer care representative will give you all the information you need to claim insurance and where you can avail of cashless service.
  • File an FIR at the nearest police station in case of damage to property or self, theft and major damages.
  • After you register your claim, the customer service manager will contact you within 24 hours.
  • Submit all required documents to the workshop. The documents you will need are the duly-filled claim form, RC copy of the vehicle, a copy of driving licence, policy copy, FIR, and other documents as specified by ICICI Lombard.
  • The CSM will estimate the cost of repairs and give you a spot approval.
  • Payments will be made directly to the garage. Any balance amount not covered by the insurance will have to be paid by you as per the terms and conditions of the policy.
  • If in case you are availing of repair services at a garage that is not under our preferred list, you will not receive the cashless benefit. You need to submit your documents to ICICI Lombard and they will reimburse your expenses after the claim is approved.

ICICI Lombard two wheeler insurance exclusions

  • Electrical/Mechanical breakdown
  • Intoxicated driving
  • Normal wear and tear and general ageing of the vehicle.
  • Deliberate accidental loss
  • Any contractual liability
  • Depreciation or any consequential loss.
  • Damages due to nuclear weapons material or war

ICICI Lombard two wheeler insurance renewal Online:

ICICI Lombard two wheeler insurance Existing Customers:

Customers can renew their existing insurance policy online by simply keying in the Policy number followed by last five digits of the engine or chassis number for verification under the renewal section of the home page.

Customers Holding Policy from Other Insurers:

Customers holding two wheeler insurance from other insurers can also renew their active or lapsed insurance policy under the same section. Customers switching over from other insurers will have to provide additional details which include vehicle and contact details along with the existing policy information.

In both cases, customers can opt for add on covers such as Personal Accident Cover during the renewal process. Keep handy, bank/card details for making payment before initiation. After the payment, a copy of the policy document is instantly generated. You can save a copy or print it for further reference. A sealed copy will also be mailed to the communication address at a later date.

Nowadays the traffic conditions have made driving riskier than ever before. Car travelling takes much time than bike and car parking is another headache for car owners. A two wheeler is far more sensible choice because it has a quick mobility and convenience for travelling within the city. However a two-wheeler cannot guarantee your safety. ICICI Lombard two wheeler insurance can give you all round protection to your bike in case of any accident or damage.