IDBI Bank: All You Need to Know

IDBI is one of the largest commercial banks in India and for a long time have been a most trusted banking institution in the country. It has established itself as a key player in the financial sector and is one of the top names to contend with in terms of capital market, mutual funds and investment banking. The bank does not only have a strong business strategy but it had always strived to bring the customers the best of services through its competent workforce. It has constantly reinvented itself over the last 50 years or so and provides customized banking solutions to its clients.

IDBI credit cards offer two credit cards to its customers and they ensure protected and secure online transactions through the state of the art encryption process. The cards are globally accepted and offer a wide range of benefits and advantages to the card holder. They not only have the option of enjoying purchases by making payments through EMIs but there are also a host of complimentary services to be enjoyed.


What are the Benefits of IDBI Credit cards?

IDBI credit card holders are among the most content credit card users for sure because the bank always makes sure to provide them with the best of services. Firstly, the cards come equipped with EMV chips and the PIN enabled feature is the surest form of safety against credit card frauds. The user will also be a part of an attractive loyalty rewards programme and the card can be used all over the world, along with add- on cards which also provide the opportunity to avail cashback, loyalties and more. The Royal Signature Credit Card and the Aspire Platinum Credit Card are the two main cards.


What are the IDBI Credit cards offers?

IDBI credit card offers are numerous and especially designed to meet the requirements of the present urban Indian.

The attractive loyalty rewards programme is where the user can earn points as they use their credit cards. Then the user can avail cash back for the points earned and then adjust it against the outstanding balance. The reward points are valid for 3 years, one of the highest in the industry. One would need at least 1000 point to redeem them at 25 paisa per reward point. One can also avail the option to make repayments of outstanding amount in installments of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months, whichever is convenient for the user. The minimum amount for the facility is Rs 3000 and only cards that have been issued at least 6 months back can avail this opportunity. There is also an interest free credit card period of 48 days. If the bills are paid in full, the interest free period would start all over again. The IDBI credit card is also accepted across more than 9 lakh merchant outlets in India and over 29 million establishments around the world. All one has to do to activate international transaction is to make one phone call the customer care.  The users can also get fuel surcharge waiver whenever fuel is refilled with the card, with up to 2.5% waiver. The transaction amount should be at least Rs 400 to Rs 4000.

Add On cards are also available for the family members so that they too can avail the amazing benefits of this card. The add on card can be issued for any family member above 18 years of age. There is also no need to worry about lost cards and a phone call to the customer care will block the card immediately and IDBI will also cover any kind of fraudulent transactions.

IDBI has amazing VISA offers and with the VISA card one is eligible for exclusive deals and discounts on hotel stays, car rentals and airport shopping and one can also opt for complimentary travel concierge services as a Visa signature card holder. One can also have access to select airport lounges in India and this feature is provided irrespective of the ticket prices or the class one is traveling in. IDBI credit cards also has one of the best Air Travel Accident Insurance and one can get covered for Rs 25 lakhs when one travels for business or leisure with IDBI Bank Royale Signature credit card.


How to Check IDBI Credit Card eligibility?

Certain criteria have to be met to avail IDBI credit card. One must be an Indian resident and above 21 years of age, but not older than 60 years. In case of self employed individuals, this can be increased to 65 years. Add on cards are available only for family members above 18 years of age. Certain documentation is also needed like PAN card, Voter ID or Aadhar card, proof of address like electricity or telephone bill. For income proof, one has to provide salary slip of the last three months, and IT returns of the last three years.


What is the process of IDBI Credit Card Application?

IDBI credit cards can be applied both online and offline. One can simply visit the official website of IDBI bank and click on the Cards section which will have all the details of the two credit cards that the bank offers. Depending on one’s needs and requirements, one can click on the card that one feels is the most suitable for their needs. After clicking the Submit button on making an application, the user would be directed to the next page where all the information would have to provided, based on which IDBI will decide whether to grant you a card or not. On the other hand, the application can also be made online by visiting any of the bank branches.


Types of Citibank Credit Cards:

The Royal Signature Credit Card and the Aspire Platinum Credit Card are the two main cards that are offered by IDBI bank and between them, the cover a range of services and benefits that are sure to make life easier for the card holder. Visit your nearest IDBI Bank branch today to avail the services.