Indian Passport Validity

An Indian Passport is an authentic document, issued by the order of the President of
India for Indians travelling abroad. The Indian passport serves as a proof of Indian
citizenship while travelling abroad. It also serves as a proof of Identity for all Indian
citizens, which could be produced, whenever requested for. The Indian passport is
issued under the guidelines of Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, through
designated Passport Seva Kendras, set up all over the country. It is important to keep
track of the Indian passport validity period.

The passport validity date is mentioned inside the passport while it is being issued.
Presently, the Indian Passport validity period is for 10 years, In case of minors the
Indian passport validity is restricted to 5 years or until they attain the age of 18 years,
whichever is earlier. After expiry, different processing fees are applicable to different
categories of passport processing depending on whether it is a re-issue of passport or a
fresh passport.

If an Indian citizen’s passport validity has expired more than 3 to 4 years ago, then he
has to apply for a re-issue of passport. The Indian passport validity period is mentioned
within the passport booklet of the passport holder.

Though the Indian passport validity period is for a period of 10 years, especially for
overseas travelers, it is advised to renew their passports at least 1 year before the
date of expiry of their passports. Foreign embassies look at a minimum validity period of
6 months to one year before they can grant visas to passport holders. However if in
case an Indian passport validity period expires while the Indian citizen is overseas either
on business travel or as an immigrant (if he still continues to hold Indian passport), then
he can still get his passport renewed or a fresh passport issued, by contacting the local
Indian Embassy in the country of his travel or stay.

On the expiry of the Indian passport validity period, the applicant can apply for the
renewal of his passport online by visiting the Passport Seva Portal and filling in the
required form. He has to then schedule an appointment with the Passport Seva Kendra,
falling under his jurisdiction and visit in person, to place his renewal request. He should
not fail to carry with him the print of the acknowledgement received on submitting his
request for renewal of his passport, online.

Ensuring the Indian passport validity period helps in ensuring Indian citizenship.
Whether being in India or Overseas.