Indusind bank Credit Cards

IndusInd Bank offers various credit card options to its customer’s basis their needs & usage. The IndusInd Credit Card options are tailor-made to suit every customer’s requirement. All you need to do is submit the relevant documents & as per the eligibility. Presently, IndusInd bank has a huge network of over 630 branches and approximately 1200 ATMs cross various cities. The IndusInd bank credit card offers its cardholders an array of benefits from travel bookings to online merchants, spas, restaurants, and partner stores. Cardholders can enjoy marvellous discounts of up to 15% on dining across a large number of restaurants across the country. IndusInd Bank credit card offers you various options so you can save a lot on your travels and get reward points/ cashback. You can also earn while you shop using your IndusInd credit card, there are many lucrative discounts available at top Retail outlets and e-commerce websites. In a nutshell, your IndusInd Bank Credit card lets you earn while you spend with the various deals available. IndusInd Bank was established in 1994 by Dr Manmohan Singh, and its Head Office is in Elphinstone Road, Mumbai. IndusInd bank credit card charges its customers one of the lowest interest rates in the industry, i.e. 1.79% per month.

Benefits of IndusInd Bank Credit Card & Features

With the IndusInd credit card benefits, you can save a lot. You can enjoy a host of benefits ranging from travel to shopping to access in luxurious lounges and much more. Listed below are some benefits that come your way:

  • You are entitled to the MakeMyTrip gift card as a welcome benefit
  • Exclusive shopping vouchers from top brands like Armani, Titan, William Penn, Woodland, Hidesign, Pantaloons etc
  • One of the IndusInd Bank Platinum Card Benefits is its Priority Pass Programme which enables you to get complimentary access to over 600 VIP airport lounges around the world
  • Every time you fill petrol in your car for an amount ranging between Rs. 400 and Rs. 4,000, you save 1% fuel surcharge through the IndusInd credit card
  • The card comes with a free air accident insurance cover of up to Rs. 25 Lakhs.
  • God forbid if you ever need, you could get accident management, medical assistance and other facilities through the Auto Assist Programme

Since the Indusind bank credit card features are unique, it provides a range of tailor-made solution for different customer types and their usages. For example: For movie lovers, the Indulge Credit card offers a “Buy One Get One Free” on movie tickets booked through; whereas the Iconia Credit Card gives welcome gift vouchers from top brands for Shopaholics. The IndusInd platinum aura credit card features are also one of its kinds. We will talk about this in detail when we look at each of the Credit Card type and their benefits.

Eligibility for IndusInd Bank Credit Card & Documents Required & How To Login

The IndusInd bank credit card eligibility, like any other financial institution, is also very simple:

  • The minimum age criteria are 18 years; anyone who is less than 18 ys cannot apply
  • The Card applicant needs to be employed (irrespective of being salaried / self –employed) and should have a regular source of income to pay back the credit card bills on time
  • A bank account in his name is a mandate
  • The applicant should have a clean credit history; which means he should not have defaulted on any other loan or credit card

IndusInd Credit Card Applies Online: The simplest way to apply for an IndusInd Bank Credit Card is to visit the official website and fill in your basic details like name, address, contact number, e-mail ID, income and employment details etc. On receiving your details, one of the bank’s representatives will get in touch with you to fix up an appointment and will collect the required documents from your doorstep. Once the documents are submitted to the branch office, the verification process takes about 7-10 days and post-approval; you will receive your Credit Card via courier.

You can also choose to walk into any of the Bank branches and apply for the credit card.

IndusInd Bank Credit Card Documents Required: The documents required to apply for an IndusInd Bank credit card comprises of 3 major categories – identity proof, address proof and income proof. Now let’s look at what documents fall under each of these categories:

  1. Identity proof:
    1. Any Government approved photo ID
    2. Voter ID
    3. Passport
    4. Aadhaar Card
    5. PAN Card,
  2. Address proof:
    1. Utility bill
    2. Latest other bank/credit card statement
    3. Rental agreement
    4. Electricity bill
    5. Phone bill
    6. Driving license
    7. Passport
    8. Aadhaar Card

You have to be very careful that the residence proof carries the correct address with a valid pin code as well.

  1. Proof of income:
    1. Bank statement
    2. Form-16
    3. ITR
    4. Salary Slip

How to Apply For IndusInd Bank Credit Card Online

The IndusInd bank online account opening procedure is easily completed. You can fill up the IndusInd bank credit card application form online. When you are in the Credit Cards section of the IndusInd bank website, simply click on the “Apply online IndusInd bank credit card” tab. It will direct you to another page which has three distinct sections:

  • Credit Card: here you need to fill in your basic details like your current place of residence, Date of Birth, Type of Employment, Company Name, Monthly Take home Salary, Your Name and Mobile No. Once you fill in these basic details and click on “Submit”, it will take you to the Application form Page
  • The Online Application form: This is a detailed and elaborate form that captures details of Marital Status, Current residence, permanent residence, Employment Details, PAN No etc.
  • Once you click on the “Submit” button, a system generated “PIN number” will be generated. This PIN no will be your reference number for all tracking purposes

How to Apply For IndusInd Bank Credit Card Offline

The IndusInd bank credit card application can also be filled offline by personally visiting the bank branch. The procedure of the form filling will be very much the same and they will also provide you with a reference number for your application. Procuring the IndusInd bank application status is the same also done in the same way as it is done when it is filled online.

How to Track IndusInd Bank Credit Card

Just as there are different ways of applying for the credit card, similarly there are also different ways to track your application status to check if it has been approved or rejected and at what stage of processing it is at that point so that a follow-up can be done with the bank accordingly. Generally, it takes two to three weeks for the card processing; however, all together it takes around a month including the dispatch and delivery timelines.

You can track your IndusInd bank Credit Card application status on the bank’s official website using either of the following information:

  • Application Number
  • PAN Card number
  • Form number
  • Date of birth

If you have applied for an IndusInd Bank Credit Card through the bank’s website, Tracking the application can also be done with the following easy steps:

  • Open the following link in your browser:
  • Once the link is opened, it will ask you to enter your application Id and mobile number that you had provided while filling in the application form
  • On successfully entering the two details, when you hit the Submit button, your IndusInd Bank Credit Card application status will be displayed on your computer screen

Once you are an IndusInd Bank Credit Card holder, you will receive comprehensive monthly Indusind Credit Card statements on your email id that you had provided during the time of registration. The Credit Card statement is a detailed statement, which illustrates the billing cycle’s total expenditure with all applicable taxes. It also indicates your Credit limit, cash limit, the usage that you have incurred until that date and the available Credit limit for you to use in the future. It will also provide you details if you’re total outstanding towards the bank and the minimum amount due as well. You can choose to pay the entire outstanding amount or just the minimum amount due as well. In case you don’t receive your credit card statement on your email id, you could also access it through the IndusInd bank web portal.

Types of IndusInd Bank Credit Card

The IndusInd bank provides its customers with an array of credit card options to choose from, which could best suit their usage pattern and requirement. In total, IndusInd bank provides 8 Credit Card options; let’s see what each one has to offer:

The IndusInd bank indulge credit card is not for the masses, it is only for the classes. It is an “invite only” card and cannot be taken by self-application.  To show how prestigious this card is, IndusInd bank has designed it in such a way that it comes with a 22K pure gold inlay.

IndusInd Bank Credit Card Details:

  • Unlike any other credit card that comes with a pre-decided Credit limit; this card does not have that feature. The card offers its customers unlimited credit limit
  • Enjoy fuel surcharge of 2.5% at all petrol pumps across the country
  • One gets to enjoy a five-star treatment while using this card. You get access to luxury services such as art advisory, a celebrity chef personally cooking gourmet meals for you, and relaxing your weekend with your family playing Golf at one of the selected golf courses in India

The IndusInd bank Pinnacle credit card is also one of its offerings to its customers in the ultra-premium range. This card is specially designed for frequent travellers and people who enjoy a lavish lifestyle. It charges the cardholder an annual fee of Rs. 100,000

IndusInd Bank Pinnacle Credit Card Benefits:

  • The moment you receive your IndusInd bank Pinnacle cared, you are also entitled to enjoy welcome gift vouchers from Genesis Luxury, Oberoi Hotels, and Jet Airways
  • Every transaction of Rs 100 that you do on any retail outlet, you earn 1 Reward Point
  • In case of online transactions, you get by 2.5 rewards points for every Rs. 100 spent on any e-commerce website
  • Don’t just collect reward points! You can redeem them as well through many convenient options: The More Store, Oberoi Hotel vouchers, Genesis luxury vouchers, exchange it for Airline miles or just convert them into cash
  • The Pinnacle card also gives you a unique Auto Assistance facility while you are on the go. The IndusInd Bank’s Auto Assist facility helps you during emergencies to handle a flat tyre or immediate repair of the car or just some extra fuel supply

The IndusInd Bank Signature Credit Card enables you to redefine elegance and style in your life. Its unique travel and lifestyle offerings help you live your life in style and attitude.

IndusInd Bank Signature Credit Card Benefits:

  • Since the Signature card is for the travellers, it gives comfort to your pocket, especially when you are travelling. This is the only card that gives you up to 100% discount on your Jet Airways base fare
  • Partnered with the royal Oberoi chain of Hotels, it ensures that your every stay at the Oberoi’s embarks luxury lifestyle and memorable hospitality
  • Pamper yourself with a relaxing and rejuvenating SPA treatment at leading spas like Kaya Skin Clinic, VLCC at discounted offers
  • The annual fee of the Signature Credit Card is Rs. 50,000

The IndusInd Bank Iconia Credit Card takes you to a world of iconic lifestyle and experience. Its collaboration with American Express also brings on the plate some premium benefits to its customers.

IndusInd Bank Iconia Credit Card Benefits:

  • The IndusInd Bank Iconia Credit Card is available in two options, one is in collaboration with American Express, and the other will be a regular Visa card
  • This card offers premium benefits from varied fitness centres and SPAs, fine dining restaurants, airline networks, and top retail outlets across the country
  • There are an embedded EMV chip and PIN authentication on this card, which offers additional security to customers while doing transactions
  • The best part about this card is that it comes with “Zero” annual fees and there is also no charge for an add-on card

The IndusInd Bank Platinum Credit Card comes with a comprehensive list of features and benefits for its customers offering best in class travel, lifestyle, dining, shopping and luxury services – all as a compact deal.

IndusInd Bank Platinum Credit Card Benefits:

  • As a part of the Welcome bonus with he the Platinum credit card, the customers get complimentary Jet Airways promotion codes and Satya Paul vouchers as well
  • The “Total Protect” feature of the Platinum card offers complete protection to the cardholder against loss or theft or the card
  • With this card, you also enjoy a free “Personal Air Accident Cover” worth 25 Lakhs
  • The Reward points on this card are also slightly different – the customers would get 1.5 Reward points on every Rs. 150 spent on the card

The IndusInd Bank Platinum Select Credit Card is an extension of the IndusInd Bank Platinum Credit card. The Platinum Select card offers some more Select benefits to heighten your experience with the IndusInd Bank.

IndusInd Bank Platinum Select Credit Card Benefits:

  • The IndusInd Bank Platinum Select Credit Card provides elaborate Travel benefits to its customers:
    • With the Priority pass that comes with the Platinum Select card, you can park yourself easily at national and international lounges across the world while waiting for your flight
    • With the Travel Plus Programme, one can easily save a hefty Rs. 12,960 per annum
    • The cardholders can also avail a comprehensive Travel insurance cover free of charge with this card
  • The Platinum Select Credit Card also brings to you a series of free concierge service while you are on the move:
    • The concierge team can be contacted for all necessary information about the destination, weather condition, and places to visit etc. before you start your travel
    • They will also assist you in your travel bookings in A-rated hotels and flight reservations as well
    • If you are up for an event or sports tournament, they would also do the relevant bookings for you
    • While you are jumping and skipping with your diverse travel plans, the concierge team can also help you connect with your loved ones back at home by sending special gifts or flowers etc.

If you are a Travel buff and travel the world while also ensuring each experience is richer than the earlier one, then the IndusInd Platinum Aura Credit Card should be your pick.

IndusInd Bank Platinum Aura Credit Card Offers:

  • You can earn higher reward points with the Platinum Aura card on each transaction be it online or offline
  • You can also convert your Reward points to Airline miles. You get 0.5 airline mile against each Reward point that you have saved
  • Not only that, one can also convert his Reward points into Cash with the Platinum Aura Credit card- 1 reward point converts into Rs. 0.50
  • You also get the “Total Protect Cover” and the “Personal Air Accident Insurance” cover as well worth 25Lakhs

The IndusInd Bank WorldMiles Credit Card is a co-branded card with Jet Airways and offers an array of lifestyle and travel benefits.

IndusInd Bank Worldmiles Credit Card Benefits:

  • Since it is a co-branded Jet Airways card, an exclusive benefit given through Jet Airways is that you get a promotion code that can be utilised to avail of a one-way journey of your choice
  • You earn Miles and points on your card every time you book a flight ticket through your card
  • Complimentary priority pass with access to more than 600 lounges globally

IndusInd Bank Credit Card Bill Payment:

The IndusInd Bank Credit Card Statement, like any other card statement, is sent to the cardholder’s email address once a month as per his billing cycle.

IndusInd bank promotes online payment of the Credit Card bills as the most preferred way of payment. There are various benefits of paying online:

  • Less time consuming
  • Convenient and comfortable
  • Safe and Secure mode of payment
  • Easy to maintain records
  • Eco-friendly as you do not waste your cheques

You may also pay your IndusInd credit card payment through billdesk option using your Debit card. All you need to do is select the Billdesk option on Credit Card payment process. It will direct you to another page where you will need to fill your Debit Card details. You can also choose to pay you IndusInd Bank Credit Card bill by online banking by using net banking option.