Why Insurance for Off-Road Vehicles is Important

It’s that time of the year again, where you’re excited to bring out your off-road vehicle and take it on a fun adventure or even participate in races. Motorsport has significantly increased in India, with many people owing superbike, race cars, dirt bikes and more. Now as much as it is exciting, it is also mandatory for you to protect yourself and also your vehicle. You can do that by investing in off-road insurance.

Most people think that their off-road vehicles are automatically covered by their home insurance as it is in their garage but this is not the case. In order to protect your off-road vehicle, you will need separate insurance. That’s right, whether you own a dirt bike, ATV, or a race car, it is important to have all of them covered with a comprehensive insurance policy. Off-road vehicle insurance policies typically provide three basic coverage options; Liability coverage, Physical damage coverage, and Medical payments coverage. With off-road insurance, you can take your vehicle out with confidence that every trip you take off the beaten path will be a good one.

Here are a few reasons why you need off-road insurance:

Damage to your vehicle: Off-road vehicles are prone to damages. Every time you take your vehicle out on an adventure the vehicle is at a risk of getting dented, scratched, or worst due to the path you ride on. Imagine having to pay for the damages every time. Sounds exhausting right. With off-road insurance, you wouldn’t have to worry about paying damage costs as your vehicle is covered and the insurance company will pay the bill for the damages. You should also remember that it is not possible for you to drive your off-road vehicle on city roads and it will have to be transported to a suitable driving track. It is possible for your vehicle to get damaged during transit. When you have a comprehensive insurance policy, you wouldn’t have to worry about the damages caused to your vehicle during transit.

Theft cover:  Whether you own a superbike, sports car, dirt bike or ATV, you know that these are all quite expensive vehicles. In addition to the cost of the vehicle, you may have spent money on customizing them. If they were stolen, you may face huge financial loss. Why risk it when you can get theft cover with insurance.

Fire protection: Since your dirt bike or race cars are mostly rough use vehicles, damages are inevitable, sometimes the damage caused can lead to an explosion or your vehicle could catch fire. With a good insurance policy damages to life and property from fire or explosion will be covered.

Medical coverage: Adventure or motorsport can be risky. Individuals taking part in motor races are at a great danger of injuring themselves. Under off-road insurance, an individual can get medical coverage. This means the insurance company will pay the medical bills in case of any injuries received while driving your recreational vehicle.

Liability cover: While driving your off-road vehicle can be fun, it is also quite dangerous. Not only to yourself but to others as well. If you injure another individual or cause damage to someone’s property while driving your off-road vehicle, you are liable to pay for the medical treatment or property damage. With off-road insurance, the insurance company will cover the cost for you.

In conclusion, taking out a good insurance for your off-road or recreational vehicle is important. Mostly because these vehicles are not covered by your home insurance and taking out an ordinary motor insurance is not going to cover your vehicle entirely. A good off-road insurance will provide overall cover to your favourite recreation vehicle. This way you can take your vehicle out without having to worry too much about the financial expenses you may have to incur when things go wrong.