Link aadhaar with ration card, anytime and anywhere!

Initially issued to households to avail food grains and fuel at a subsidized rate, Ration cards once also served as an identity and address proof, relevant for other documents like Passport and PAN card. Today, to link aadhaar with ration card is kept on utmost priority for all the right reasons.

People continue to use their ration card number as an identity proof and make the most of governmental services. However, various instances of fraud have been thrown light upon where users have reported of not been given access to their share of ration. To put an end to such issues faced by a common man, the government initiated an aadhaar card update where people were required to link aadhaar with ration card.

Need for the aadhaar card link to the ration card number.

The government has made it mandatory for one and all to link their ration card with the aadhaar card documents to ensure a fair and fraud-proof plan for all the citizens. Here are a few benefits that people can get by doing the same:

  • Fraudulent activities can be prevented by keeping a track of the authenticity of the ration card number and the aadhaar number.
  • Action will be taken against any fake account availing services in the name of those below the poverty line.
  • Based on the aadhaar card documents, families will not be able to possess more than one ration card using fake identities.
  • With every aadhaar card link, the biometrics ensure genuine distribution of the products under the ration card number.
  • The Public Distribution System (PDS) will be controlled in a better way to ensure equality for all.

Aadhaar card update – Link it with the ration card online

To link aadhaar with ration card online, here are a few simple steps that need to be taken in consideration:

  • Visit the official aadhaar website and click on “Start Now”.
  • Fill in the full address, along with the district and state.
  • Select the Benefit Type from the options provided.
  • Click the option named “Ration Card” to continue the process.
  • Enter the aadhaar number, ration card number, email address along with the registered mobile number.
  • Type the One Time Password (OTP) that has been sent to the mobile number entered.
  • A notification will be sent post verification of the details provided, and an aadhaar card update will be sent after it’s been linked to the ration card successfully.
  • For further information, it is also possible for an individual to check aadhaar status online.

Aadhaar card update – Link it with the ration card offline

For those who want to link aadhaar with ration card offline, the government has provided ways to go ahead with it. Here are the simple steps that need to be followed for the same:

  • Carry the xerox copies of the cards of all the aadhaar holders in the family along with a copy of the ration card.
  • If the aadhaar is not linked with the bank account, carry the passbook.
  • Carry the passport size photograph of the head of the family.
  • Submit these documents at the ration card office.
  • Once the verification is done, one will be informed via mail or SMS.
  • A notification will be generated once the aadhaar is linked with the ration card.

The government has been taking effective measures to avoid any case of fraud related to any service. Linking aadhaar with ration card in one of these ways to avail the beneficial services and avoid any suspicious activities.