List of forms for HP Gas Connection

When it comes to getting an HP Gas connection, there are quite a few forms that you may have to fill up in this regard. These may include the official gas connection form and even the LPG subsidy form.

Some of the forms that have to be filled up while applying for a new HP Gas connection include the following:


Form Name Details
Ujjwala KYC Application Form People who want gas connections from HP Gas should fill up this particular form
Ujjwala KYC- Undertaking for Availing Loan Those who desire loans for taking care of all the expenses of getting an HP Gas connection should enter the details sought in this form
Declaration of Income for availing LPG Subsidy This is the major HP gas subsidy form through which people can apply for this subsidy and have to mention details about their earnings which will then be evaluated to see whether they are eligible to get the subsidy
Simplified KYC Form This form is for those who lack all the necessary KYC documents but desire new HP Gas connections
Unified PAHAL (DBTL) Joining Form This is the registration form which enables direct debit subsidy scheme for your bank account, i.e. direct subsidy amount transfers to your account
Form 2- LPG Linking Form This Linking Form has to be furnished to your local HP Gas distribution office
Form 1- Bank Account-Aadhar Linkage Application Form For paying out subsidies, this form has to mention the bank account and Aadhar link details


Form 3- Mandate for Non-Aadhar Based LPG Subsidy Transfer This is for people applying for the LPG subsidy but do not possess their Aadhar Cards
Form 4- Mandate for Non-Aadhar based LPG Subsidy Transfer This form should be given to the nearest distributor by people who lack Aadhar Cards
Form 5- Giving Up LPG Subsidy This form has to be filled up and submitted to the distributor by the people who do not want to get LPG subsidies anymore and wish to give them up accordingly
Form 6- Grievance Redressal for PAHAL (DTBL) Scheme This form comes in handy when it comes to listing any grievances or filing any complaints
Unified Form for Transfer/Regularisation of LPG connection This form is for those who want to transfer their gas connections to their children or family members in case of death
Declaration for loss of termination/subscription voucher This form comes in handy for the people who have misplaced or simply lost their termination or subscription vouchers for HP Gas connections
Declaration for New Connection or Connection against Termination Voucher Based on the terminations done previously, this form helps in getting new connections registered
Format for Reactivation of LPG Connection LPG connections that were de-activated in the past can be activated again with the help of this form


Of course, you can always find the requisite HP Gas LPG link for applying online. You can find all necessary HP gas booking information online as well. There are several other methods to apply for a gas cylinder refill or to apply for a new connection altogether.

The method of applying for an Indane gas new connection online is quite similar to the online methods at HP Gas. The above mentioned forms have to be filled up while applying, depending on your specific needs and requirements.