List of forms for Indane Gas Connection

When it comes to getting an Indane gas connection, you should be aware of the Indane gas transfer form and the other gas connection forms. There are several other kinds of forms that you may have to fill up while applying.

These may include the LPG subsidy form in case that is applicable and even the regular Indane gas connection application form.

Here are some of the forms that you need to fill up while applying for an Indane gas connection.


Form Name Details
Ujjwala KYC Application Form Those who want Indane gas connections. The form contains contact and distributor information.
Ujjwala KYC- Undertaking for Availing Loan Those who wish to get gas connections and loans for covering all costs accordingly.
Declaration of Income for availing LPG Subsidy Income information has to be given through this form which is basically the Indane gas subsidy form or application
Simplified KYC Form People who don’t have all necessary KYC documents but still want to get gas connections
Unified PAHAL (DBTL) Joining Form This form helps you register for the direct transfer of subsidies to your bank account or the direct debit subsidy scheme.


Form 2- LPG Linking Form Has to be given to your local distributor
Form 1- Bank Account-Aadhar Linkage Application Form Bank account and Aadhar linkage for subsidy purposes


Form 3- Mandate for Non-Aadhar Based LPG Subsidy Transfer Those who do not have Aadhar Cards but are applying for subsidies
Form 4- Mandate for Non-Aadhar based LPG Subsidy Transfer To be submitted to distributor for those who do not have Aadhar yet
Form 5- Giving Up LPG Subsidy People desirous of giving up LPG subsidies have to submit this form to their distributors
Form 6- Grievance Redressal for PAHAL (DTBL) Scheme Filing any grievance requests or complaints
Unified Form for Transfer/Regularisation of LPG connection Transfer of gas connections to next of kin
Declaration for loss of termination/subscription voucher For those who have lost the subscription/termination vouchers for their LPG connections
Declaration for New Connection or Connection against Termination Voucher Registration of new connections for people based on earlier terminations
Format for Reactivation of LPG Connection Reactivation of LPG connections that had been de-activated earlier


The process of applying for the Indane Gas Connection is very simple and you can do it online at the official website, through the mobile app or even through SMS or IVRS. The procedure is quite similar to the application for Bharat Gas new connection online which is also quite convenient and time saving.