Max Bupa Health Insurance Company

Max Bupa Health Insurance Company is one of India’s leading health insurance companies with a strong presence nationwide. Max Bupa Health Insurance Company Ltd. is a successful collaboration between Max India Limited and the UK centered healthcare services company; Bupa Finance PLC, UK.

With a wide variety of healthcare plans to cover a majority of medical needs; Max Bupa health insurance schemes cover both individual and familial medical insurance needs to a considerable degree. The general agenda of this widely recognized healthcare insurance brand name is to provide convenient, cost-effective, and efficient and client centric health insurance coverage and this is quite evident from the bouquet of health insurance packages offered by Max Bupa Health Insurance Company Ltd.

According to official statistics on the company website; Max Bupa has insured 26, 00,664 people, has settled 1141 Crores of claims since inception and has a claim settlement ratio of 91.2%. Max health insurance comes in the form of many different plans and one generally requires the assistance of a Max Bupa insurance agent or a consultant to zone in on a plan that caters to specific health needs and financial profiles. One of the most popular Max health insurance schemes is the Max Bupa Health Companion plan that covers both individuals and families. As this plan is highly indicative of what is on offer at Max health insurance; a study of the terms and conditions of this plan is called for; especially for insurance shoppers who require an overview of what this company has to offer.

Max Bupa Health Companion Plan

The Max Bupa Health Companion plan is the most popular health insurance package offered by Max health insurance. This plan covers both individual and familial health insurance needs. The plan has three variants for family coverage of man, wife and up to 4 children. Variant 2 of this plan is the most popular according to most Max Bupa health insurance reviews.

Variant 2

Variant 2 of the Max Bupa Health Companion Family Floater Plan offers sum insured options of Rs 5 Lakhs, 7.5 Lakhs, 10 Lakhs and 12.5 Lakhs with top-up annual aggregate deductible options of Rs 1 Lakhs, Rs. 2 Lakhs, Rs. 3 Lakhs, Rs. 4 Lakhs, Rs. 5 Lakhs & Rs. 10 Lakhs respectively.




Prime features of the Max Bupa Health Companion Family Floater Plan variant 1 are as follows…


  • Cost coverage of all manner of hospital accommodation barring suites; minus any capping on room rent charges

  • Covers pre and post hospitalization expenses; 30 days prior to hospitalization and 60 days after discharge

  • Covers all day care treatments barring procedures outpatient departments of hospitals

  • Refill benefits apply in case of exhaustion of base sum ensured

  • Covers in-patient alternative treatments including Ayurveda, Unani, Homeopathy and Siddha

  • Covers emergency ambulance

  • Covers organ transplant expenses

  • Covers at home treatment with conditions

  • Covers animal bite vaccinations

  • Any age enrollment


Max Bupa health insurance reviews makes it quite clear that variant 1 of the Max Bupa Health Companion Family Floater Plan is quite popular among middle-income families. A combination of benefits and easy premium payments contributes greatly to this popularity. Variant 1 and 3 also attract a significant amount of health insurance shoppers however Max Bupa health insurance reviews place variant 2 on the top. The variations of these plans are mostly defined by the base sums ensured and greater base sums offer greater benefits; quite predictably premium payments go up as well.


Individual Health Insurance Plan


Max Bupa Health Insurance has individual health insurance plans as well that effectively serve singles and cover most healthcare expenses. One of the most popular individual healthcare plans offered by Max Bupa is the GoActive Individual Plan. The plan is known to cover a wide range of medical ailments and it does provide incentives for healthy individuals as well. Unlike the Max Bupa Health Companion Family Floater Plan; there are no variants of the GoActive Plan. This singular plan offers sum ensured options of 4 Lakhs to 25 Lakhs. Some of the primary features of the GoActive Invidual Plan offered by Max Bupa Health Insurance are as follows…


  • Covers all types of hospital accommodation barring suites

  • Covers pre and post hospitalization expenses; 90 days prior to hospitalization and 180 days after discharge

  • Covers day care treatment with certain conditions applied

  • Covers a range of integral home healthcare measures including but not limited nursing assistance, dialysis, chemotherapy, investigations, transfusions and post surgical care

  • Covers at home treatment if bed is not available at a hospital

  • Covers organ transplant expenses with applied conditions

  • Emergency ambulance services are covered

  • Covers health checkups and diagnostics with conditions applied

  • Offers a refill benefit if base ensured sum is exhausted

  • Covers a second medical opinion if needed


There are various other benefits of both the Max Bupa Health Companion Family Floater Plan and the Go Active Individual Plan from Max Bupa Health Insurance. Apart from these plans; insurance shoppers can definitely seek out more from this major health insurance company in India through its website.


This major insurance brand has various distinctions to its credit as listed on the official website. Max Bupa is the only health insurer to be a Superbrand for 2 consecutive years and boasts of features such as cashless claims with pre-authorization in less than thirty minutes, direct claim settlements with no involvement of third party agencies, covers 9 major illnesses with international coverage; a healthcare network in 190 countries, has been recognized as a trusted health insurer, provides hospitalization and care by partnering with over 4000 hospitals. Owing to these distinguishing features of Max Bupa; it has built a steady reputation over the years and all factors indicate that the company is on a growth trajectory which is beneficial for both share holders and the customer base of Max Bupa Health Insurance Company Ltd.