Offline PF transfer with Form 13

As the PF account was set up with an aim to promote retirement savings for employees across, withdrawing your PF before you’ve attained the age of 58 is not allowed unless it is required for marriage, education, construction or medical purposes. So you must wonder what will happen to your contribution when you move on to a different organization. Well, you can transfer your PF and continue to make a 12% contribution to the EPF fund.

How to Transfer Your PF?

Your PF can be transferred online through the EPFO portal, which is a simple and easy way to transfer the PF, however, if the Aadhaar number has not been linked to the PF account or UAN and the verification is not completed by the previous employer, you will need to Apply for a PF transfer by submitting a PF Form 13.

Offline PF Transfer:

To do an offline PF transfer an Employee will need to fill out a  Form 13 and submit it to the new employer. The new employer will then submit this application to the EPFO office and the PF will get transferred in due course. The form will need to be attested by both or either the new and old employer for the PF transfer process to begin.

Form 13

  • Form 13 consists of Part A, B, and C.
  • Part A  will require your personal information, Part B  will require your old PF account details, and part C will require your current PF account details
  • You will need to clearly state your EPF account number and the new EPF account number. If the new establishment is not under the purview of the EPF Scheme, 1952 then the Pension Fund account number will need to be provided.
  • The name of the holding EPF office or trust, both old and new should also be mentioned on the Form 13.
  • In addition to this, the names and addresses of the old and new establishments and the respective joining and leaving dates should be indicated on Form 13

How To Fill The Form 13?

  1. In the first column mention your name as mention in the form 2 nomination form when you joined the company
  2. In column 2- mention your father’s name as given in your previous company. If you are a married woman and had given your husband’s name earlier you can mention the same. In case your marital status has changed since then please continue with the earlier details; a change of name now may cause your form to be rejected.
  3. In the 3rd column give your previous company full details along with its complete postal address
  4. In column 4 put down your pf number with correct prefix and company code followed by the number assigned by your previous company
  5. In column 5 give the full address of the RPFC who holds your pension fund
  6. In column 6 mention your pension fund number that was given by your previous company; first prefix then company code number followed by the number allotted to you
  7. In column 7 enter the date of leaving correctly
  8. Column 8, give the correct date of joining your new company Sign the application manually.
  9. Thereafter down under please mention the company address, the current PF number on your payslip, and the EPS account number.

The form 13 has to be attested by either employer i.e. the old or new employer and submitted to the relevant employer’s EPF office depending on who signed the Form 13.

It is important for you to inform your previous employer to forward form 3a to you. If you enclose the same along with your transfer request the transfer process can be speeded and take effect within a month.

Please remember that you will not receive any statement for this transfer individually, the transfer amount will be received directly by RPFC Bangalore. However, the transferred amount will reflect in the annual statement which the RPFC will give at the end of the financial year.

Your PF is a part of your hard earned money that you have been contributing during your service in a particular company, it is important that you transfer this amount when you move companies.