Voter ID Online Registration

India is a huge country with a population of close to 125 crores! The central assembly elections take place once in 5 years to elect a new government. Same is the process followed during independent state assembly elections which are also conducted once every five years. With the Government Of India’s decision to reduce the minimum age criteria to vote for all Indian citizens to 18 from the earlier applicable age of 21 years, every year, Lakhs of young and new voters are added to the electoral rolls. With this, begins the process of registering for the voter ID card. To ease the process of registration, the Government has introduced the voter id online registration facility.

The significance of the voter ID online registration system was to identify genuine voters and not deprive them their legitimate right to vote. This was also to ensure to put a break on the creation of duplicate or fake voter ID cards. The online voter registration facility has also reduced the rigorous process which you as a voter would earlier take and that of visiting your local ward offices and wait in a long queue to receive your application and submit it. Now, you can register for a voter ID card, online!

The Elections are just around the corner and it is imperative to apply and get your voter ID card soon so that you do not lose an opportunity to cast your valuable vote. The process of voter ID registration is made very simple now. By applying online you can get new voter ID card within one week.  But there is an age limit to apply for a new voter id card. You have to be 18 years old Only then only you can apply. You may get so many benefits by applying for online voter ID card. It’s a very convenient and easy to apply for voter ID card online. Even you can save your own time.

Before you begin the process to register for your voter ID card online, the first thing you check and verify is whether your name is there in Voter List. This is of paramount importance, even before you fill in the voter ID online registration form. After verifying you may be processed with the next further process. Even every state has a different website for the Indian online voter ID card registration process. For the benefit of all the citizens, the online registration portal is designed in their own local language.

Follow these simple steps to register for voter cards online

Visit the Election commission of India’s online portal, National Voters’ service portal.
When you open this webpage, you find a link to New Voters Registration Online.
Clicking on this link navigates you to Form no 6, the official form for New Voter ID Card registration.

Fill in all the basic and relevant details in Form 6.
Upload the necessary supporting documents like passport size photo, id proof, address proof and age proof.
Once uploaded, click on the ‘submit’ option.
You will receive an application id number. Retain this number safely.
Using this number, you can check your application status.
The concerned BLO (Booth Level Officer) will get in touch with you for further process.

The voter’s card registration online process is a significant step taken by the Government of India to simplify the Voter card registration process. The voter ID online registration is easy and user-friendly.