Overview of Star Health Insurance

Star health insurance is one of the leading providers of health insurances in India under the Star Health and Allied Insurance Co Ltd. The company provides a wide range of Star health insurance plans with top notch services and personalised needs to keep up with their customers’ needs and demands. Star Health and Allied Insurance owns a capital of Rs. 1,050 crores.

Star health has their presence all across India and their products are offered at 8200 star health network hospital. There are numerous star health insurance policies made available to suit each one’s needs. One can choose their desired star health policy according to their requirement. Star health insurances are provided at an affordable and reasonable price, so that everyone has access to their health insurances. Star health designs its plans in such a way that it makes their star health insurance coverage affordable and available to all sectors of people.

The various health insurance plans made available under the star health portfolio are as follows:

  1. Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy
  2. Star Medi Classic Insurance Policy
  3. Star Family Health Optima Insurance Plan
  4. Star Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy
  5. Star Super Surplus
  6. Star Super Surplus Gold Plan
  7. Star Health Gain
  8. Star Criticare Plus
  9. Star Cardiac Care
  10. Star Unique Health Insurance Policy
  11. Star Wedding Gift Insurance
  12. Star Diabetes Safe Insurance Policy
  13. Star Family Delite Insurance Policy
  14. Star Health Insurance Netplus
  15. Star Micro Health Insurance Policy
  16. Star Care Insurance Policy
  17. Star Health Accident Care Insurance Policy
  18. Star Health Student Care Plan
  19. Star Cancer Care Gold


The benefits of Star Health Insurances:

Star health offers various health insurance policies that differ from one another based on the policy holder status such as individuals, families or senior citizens. Based on the insurer, critical illness and accidental care policies are also offered. Following is a brief of benefits offered by Star health Insurance plans.

Note: Benefits mentioned below are subject to change according to the insurer and the plan.

Benefits of health insurance plans for individuals offered by Star Health:

  • A wide age group of 18 to 65 are eligible for the plan
  • The room rent and treatment costs have no sub-limit
  • This policy has a coverage of hospital cash benefits and free health check-up facility post a period of consecutive, claim-free years
  • The policy offered by Star Health covers various day-care procedures


Benefits of health insurance plans for families offered by Star Health Insurance:

  • The health insurance is reasonably priced and affordable
  • If your insurance goes claim-free during star health insurance renewal, a 100% increase in the sum insured can be availed.
  • No sub-limit on room rent and treatment costs and other star health customer care benefits
  • The room rent and treatment costs have no sub-limit
  • Dental and Ophtalmic treatments are covered under certain policies on Out-Patient Department basis
  • The benefits under this covers second medical opinion charges and air ambulance facilities


Benefits of health insurance plans for senior citizen offered by Star Health:

  • This plan is designed especially for senior citizens aged between 60 to 75 years old
  • A medical screening is not required to avail this insurance
  • Pre-existing diseases is covered under this insurance from the 2nd year
  • Star health renewal comes with a lifetime renewal option
  • Additional medical consultations can be availed at any of the Star health insurance hospital list


Benefits of health insurance plans for accident care individual offered by Star Health:

  • The accident care plan covers accidental death, permanent disability, and temporary disablement
  • A weekly compensation of about Rs. 15,000 per week is allocated for up to 100 weeks
  • Educational grant is provided for dependent children
  • A 5% cumulative bonus is given per annum to a maximum of 50%
  • A compensation of almost 150% of the sum insured is provided for permanently disabled insured person


This star health insurance prepares you for the worst of accidents.


The Star health insurance offers a remarkable range of differentiated star health insurance plans and policies in order to be made available for everyone and safeguard their financial position given an adverse medical event. By recognizing the economic conditions caused due to rising medical costs, Star Health has come up with plans for every sector of the economy.

Although each of these plans serves varies purposes, all of them have common benefits such as quick and easy claim processes, cashless facilities and free medical advices.

Following are features that are available and common to all plans offered by Star Health Insurances:

  • In-patient hospitalization/treatment for patients admitted for at least 24 hours, this includes hospital expenses
  • Pre-hospitalization Expenses: provided up to 30 days prior
  • Post-hospitalization Expenses: Generally provided for 60 days; given through a lump sum amount @7% of the expenses or Rs.5000 (based on whichever is a lesser amount)
  • Pre-existing diseases  Will be covered if already covered by a domestic insurer, usually for the 2 – 4 years before policy commencement.
  • Floater Basis:  The floater basis of a family includes the primary policyholder, spouse, and children/dependant. The sum assured is equally distributed among the family members.
  • Individual Basis:  Only the insured person is made accessible to the benefits of this policy.
  • The Reinstatement of the sum assured is normally allowed after a particular number of claim-free years


All these plans can be reviewed online before choosing the one that best suits your needs on the star health hospital portal. Right from getting the star health claim form, exploring the star health insurance premium chart, comparing and contrasting star health insurance review, learning how to use the star health insurance app, getting updated about the star health claim status and many more activities can be done online.

There are numerous star health insurance agents also available to get your insurance filled.