Pan Card Aadhaar Seeding- How to check its status?

Whether you’re filing tax returns or getting a new mobile number or even when you’re opening a new bank account, having your Aadhaar card with PAN card linked is going to make your life very easy!

How to know that PAN Card is linked with Aadhaar card:

If you are done linking Aadhaar card with PAN card, and you have received a notification confirming it, it would mean that the details given by you in both the cards match. No further details are required, and your PAN card link with Aadhaar card has been completed.

Why PAN Card should be linked with Aadhaar card:

Here are some reasons why you should link Aadhaar card with PAN card:

  • According to Section 139AA of the Income-tax Act, everyone who had a PAN card on 1st July 2017 is eligible to obtain an Aadhaar number. It is also mandatory to provide the Aadhaar number wherever it is mandated.
  • At present, PAN card link with Aadhaar card has been made mandatory for several things existing bank accounts, lease agreements and now for income tax returns.
  • The main aim of PAN card Aadhaar link is that both the documents which are unique identification cards and serve as proof of identity for registration as well as verification purposes will be at par.
  • Another important reason for PAN card link to Aadhaar is to reduce the chances of people applying for multiple PAN cards to avoid paying taxes. This also explains why the income tax PAN Aadhaar link is mandatory!

Different ways of checking the Status of PAN card link to Aadhaar

  1. Online on the UIDAI website:
  • To complete the PAN card link to Aadhaar card online, visit
  • Click on- ‘Link Aadhaar’.
  • Enter PAN, Aadhaar number and your name as given in the Aadhaar Card.
  • Click on Submit.
  • If both your documents (PAN card with Aadhaar card) are linked then the pop-up on the page will mention the same.
  1. If you’re still not sure that your PAN card link with Aadhaar card has taken place, follow these steps-

Repeat the steps outlined in method A and click on link Aadhaar again.

If your Aadhaar card and PAN card link have been successful, you will see a notification “Your PAN is already linked to the given Aadhaar Number” like this.

To link Aadhaar card with PAN card is now a mandatory procedure for various transactions. The Income Tax department’s official website has made it easy to link the two unique identities of an individual in a few simple steps.

A PAN card link with Aadhaar card is also necessary as several social welfare schemes are linked to the Aadhaar number. This means that the beneficiaries can avail the benefits only if they have their Aadhaar card and PAN card link done.