Everything about passport address change

A standard passport contain the details like holder’s name, date of birth, place, photograph and other identifying information along with the signature.


Reason for Passport address change

If you are relocating or have changed your address, you will need to update this information in your passport. You need to apply for a re-issue of your passport to change your address. You will receive a new passport with a new number along with a booklet after finishing the process successfully.

Procedure to change address in passport

You can complete your application and book an appointment online or visit Passport Seva Kendra office and make an application directly. You need to pay the fees in cash at the office.

 How to change address in passport online

You can do passport address change online by logging onto the Passport Seva website.

  • If you are already registered, use “Existing User? Login”
  • Enter your user ID and password to log in.
  • For first-time user, click on “New User? Register Now”.
  • Choose a passport office and provide documents required for change of address in passport
  • Create a login ID and password to register.
  • An email will be sent to you to activate your account.
  • Now click on “Apply for Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport”
  • Now enter your details for address correction in passport.
  • You need to provide two references and their full name along with phone number and address.
  • Carefully verify all the information you have provided and click on “Submit”.

After you have submitted your form successfully, click on “view saved/submitted applications” and make the payment.

Documents required for address correction in passport

  • Original old Passport.
  • The new address details along with address Proof
  • Voter ID card or any other government ID
  • Electricity bill
  • Telephone (Mobile, Landline)
  • Income Tax Assessment Order
  • Certificate from Employer
  • Bank account details

The final step is to visit the selected passport office on your appointment date and follow the verification process that takes a few hours. After finishing all the formalities you can leave and a new copy of passport will be sent to your present address after some days.


Online application is the best option for passport application. This process gives a chance to fill the application from your home. You can choose your mode of payment also. You will avoid long waits at Post Office to get a printed version of the application. Also by applying online you can sign in and check your account progress.