How to search Passport number by name and date of birth

A passport is a very important document if you are planning to travel out of your country. It serves as an identity card of citizenship. Without a passport you cannot travel abroad or you are not allowed to enter any other country for your work or tour. A normal passport is valid for 10 years. If you have lost your passport for some reason then you cannot do Passport number check with your personal details because of security reasons. You need to apply for a fresh passport. Fresh passport application is very easy through its official portal.

Can we search passport number by name and date of birth?

If you have lost your passport for some reason and willing to find your lost passport details by providing your name and date of birth, then you should know that passport number search by name and date of birth is not possible. For security reason, the Government of India does not provide such facilities to search your lost passport. If you have lost your passport then you should apply for a new one. You can apply it online or you can directly go to passport seva Kendra to get it done.

Is there an option to track passport by name and date of birth?

No, you cannot track your lost passport by providing your name and date of birth for security reasons.

Through the Passport Call Centre, can I file a complaint for lost passport?

No there is no way to file a complaint for lost Passport number check through the Passport Call Centre. If you have lost your passport, you need to contact your nearest Police Station and Passport Seva Kendra Office and report about the lost passport. You have to inform about the loss of passport to the Indian Mission, if you are outside India.

What is Damaged Passport and Lost Passport?

If you have lost your passport, it is important to note that the procedure to apply for reissue’ of a passport is same both for damaged and lost passports. Damaged passport has two categories.

  • Passports which are partially damaged. In this kind of passport, the name; photo and passport number of the holder is legible
  • And passports which get damaged beyond recognition.

Passport holders can avail of the Tatkaal scheme if their passports are partially damaged. In that case they can apply for a re-issue of their passport. However, the Tatkaal scheme cannot be availed, if a passport has been completely damaged. In that case you need to report at his nearest Passport Seva Kendra to get a passport.

Emergency Situations

If you are an Indian passport holder and lost your passport while traveling abroad, then you can apply for an emergency certificate. This is the only way to enter a different county when you have lost your passport.

Duplicate Passport Application Online

Individuals are required to submit a fresh passport application form while applying for a duplicate passport. In the Applying For’ section, tick the Re-issue of Passport’ option and select the relevant option from the ones provided:

  • Validity expire
  • Exhaustion of pages
  • Validity expired more than 3 years ago
  • Lost passport
  • Change in existing personal particulars
  • Damaged passport

Based on the option selected, provide the relevant details in the subsequent columns. You need to submit the necessary documents for the renewal process.