Passport online application form and all one needs to know about it.

Getting a passport online is easier than the offline procedure. It is quicker and more convenient to get a passport online application form than getting it from an offline center. It should also be noted that going the offline route is possible only for the new and fresh passport application forms.

The e- passport application form can be accessed with the help of the passport seva portal at These forms can be filled in two ways. One way is to fill and submit the e-passport application form online while logged into the portal itself. The other way is to download the passport online application form, fill it offline and later upload it.

e-Passport Application Form

It is easier for people to download the e-forms from the passport website. Here are the types of forms available online:

  • New or fresh passport application form.
  • Individual passport renewal form.

    • Forms (individual) for police clearance certificate, identity certificate and surrender certificate application.

  • Passport reissue application form.

Points to Remember

  • For applications processed at psks or rpos, e-forms have to be submitted online. In this case, the printed versions of the same will not be accepted at the offline centers.
  • Applicants must have at least version 9 of the acrobat reader to access any of these e-forms.

Print Forms

  • The passport online application forms are meant only for online submission. However, the portal also provides links to forms that can be downloaded and printed.
  • The forms can be filled in by writing in the details offline and submitted physically at the passport center. The user can download the following printable forms from the passport website.

FAQs about passport online application forms.

Here are a few frequently asked questions when it comes to the passport online application forms. These questions provide answers to questions related to passport file number, passport application fee, etc.

  • In case an individual has written his/her full name in the ‘Given Name’ field but has left the ‘Surname’ field blank, what is the process to be followed to add a surname?

        In case there are errors in the passport booklet and the application form submitted for the same, it must be returned for relevant verification.

  • Will original documents have to be produced or will certified copies be enough?

         Self-attested copies of necessary documents need to be attached to the passport online application form and originals must be provided at the counter. The original documents will be given back after verification.

  • In case an individual is working in a private bank, will they have to provide Identity Certificate?

          No, the applicant need not submit an Identity Certificate while applying for a passport.

  • In case there is a mistake in the printed online form, how can it be corrected?

       At Passport Seva Kendra, applicant should ask Citizen Service Executive to make required changes in the passport online application form.