Passport Renewal Process

An Indian passport is valid for a period of ten years from the date of issue.The process for
Passport renewal requires certain procedures to be followed. Normally, a passport is renewed
when there is a need to extend the validity period of a passport. However, while renewing the
passport, there will be no change in the passport number. An applicant has to visit the nearest
Passport Seva Kendra along with following below listed documents.

 Original old Passport.
 Self-attested copy of the first two and last two pages.
 Self-attested copy of the ECR/Non-ECR page.
 Self-attested copy of the page of observation, if any, made by Passport Issuing
 Self-attested copy of the validity extension page, if any, in respect of short validity
 Proof of documents which eliminate the cause of issuance of Short Validity Passport

The renewal process for passports in case of minors requires separate annexure forms like
Annexure H to be submitted. However, minors can present their address proof documents in the
name of their parents.

The Passport Renewal process is simplified further as the applicant can renew his passport by
filling in the passport renewal application for, available on line. The online procedure is as
simple as it can get.

 Visit the Passport Seva online Portal
 If you are a registered user, you may log on with your user id and password and follow
the subsequent guidelines
 If you are a first time or a new user, click on,’ New User Register’ and follow the
instructions that are listed.
 Fill in the application form with all the relevant details
 You can pay the renewal fees online too either through debit or credit card.

Normally the passport is issued as a 36 page booklet or a 60 page booklet. However, the
Passport Renewal fee varies with the choice of pages the applicant makes. For a 36 page
booklet, it costs Rs.1500/- while for a 60 page booklet, it costs Rs. 2000/- Payments can also be
made through demand draft or in cash, while visiting the passport seva Kendra, with a prior
fixed appointment.

Before going through the passport renewal process, it is mandatory to check the eligibility
period. As passports are issued for a period of ten years, the applicant cannot begin the
passport renewal process earlier than one year before the expiry of the old passport. The
introduction of the online facility avoids any duplication of application thereby giving the
applicant the much needed flexibility and facility to minimize lot of challenges which he might
have otherwise had to face.